Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Freelancing In A Crowded Market

Scared to become a freelancer when everyone else is doing it? Here's a look at why you shouldn't be afraid to enter a crowded market.

Photo: Lisa Fourman, founder of Mystique MGMT; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Lisa Fourman; Source: Courtesy Photo

I was scared when I first became a freelance digital marketer. Health issues caused me to lose out on a prior corporate job. Though one door was closing behind me, another door was opening in front of me. Once I entered it, I experienced an entire new set of fears. I was entering the digital marketing industry, which is flooded with a ton of other freelancers.

I was afraid that I wouldn’t find any clients who wanted to work with me because the industry was so saturated. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find clients and I almost left the industry entirely.

It’s a common fear that so many of us face when we first start freelancing. So here’s a look at why you shouldn’t be afraid to enter a crowded market.


1. There’s money to be made in crowded markets

Just because there are a ton of freelancers in a space doesn’t mean they are your direct competition. It’s more than fine to ask other freelancers for tips on how they became successful. The tips you glean from industry experts can give you the inspiration you need to find clients that fire up your soul.


Photo: Rawpixel.com, Pexels
Photo: Rawpixel.com, YFS Magazine

If you focus on how you can help them in a way that others won’t be able to, this will get a prospects’ attention more quickly. Focus on their needs (not your own) and share what you can do for them. When you show you care about their business it is a major step in the correct direction!


2. Your ‘why’ may be different

The truth is, we all have different reasons for starting a business. This is something you should use to your advantage as much as possible. For example, when people visit my website, they’ll learn about my story and reason for entering the business world–chronic illness. The truth is, living with chronic illness led to so many physical health problems that I couldn’t keep a corporate job. I state this plainly in my ‘About’ page because it’s a part of my brand story. It’s a part of who I am and I’m not afraid to share it.

Don’t be afraid to state your reasons for becoming an entrepreneur. Your prospects will respect your honesty. In fact, my brand story allows me to be vulnerable in business–which is rare these days. People can relate to it on a much deeper level. It also gives me more credibility and helps to build trust on a deeper level. So don’t be afraid to share your story with the world – you never know who you can help and impact simultaneously.


3. You offer something different

Just because there are a ton of people in the same niche doesn’t mean you aren’t original in your offerings to potential clients. I am proof of this: I entered the digital marketing space as a social media manager with clear intentions. I am passionate about helping people manage each step in their social media marketing plan. I know  founders and CEOs are busy in their daily lives and many of them don’t have time to update their social media channels on a regular basis.


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These people also don’t have a marketing manager or director of marketing to handle this aspect of their business. I am solving a pain point in their business life by providing a service they need so they can focus on other aspects of business.

I’ve learned that when you focus on the value you offer a potential client, they won’t be as worried about the financial investment. And when you shine a light on being able to solve their problem in an irresistible way, it’s easier for them to justify the expense.


Lizzie Fourman has been a digital marketer since 2012. She has a passion for helping businesses with digital marketing by creating stellar marketing content. Lizzie provides full-service digital marketing services through The Female Gamer Chick.


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