Are Your Sales Reps Using The Right Mobile CRM?

Make sure your sales team is equipped with the tools it needs to succeed – whether it be at your main office or on the go.

John Oechsle, President and CEO of Swiftpage | Source: Courtesy
John Oechsle, President and CEO of Swiftpage | Source: Courtesy

Thinking of taking your sales team mobile? Perhaps you want to increase sales productivity while your reps are in the field? Studies show that mobile customer relationship management (CRM) tools can increase productivity by nearly 15 percent. However, in a new study of more than 720 reps, they explicitly called out CRM as their biggest frustration.

CRM technology can certainly provide a strategic advantage – but not without the right tools and education. Implementing a mobile sales strategy is no easy task. It requires planning, execution, and the right mobile sales tools.

To ensure your sales team is taking the right approach to outside sales, ask yourself the following questions:


Is your mobile CRM easily accessible to your sales team?

Mobile CRM is valuable in the field – but only if the right information is readily accessible. Your mobile sales tool should include your CRM’s most important – and relevant – customer information so that sales professionals can easily access important data while on the go.


Photo: Mentatdgt, Pexels
Photo: Mentatdgt, YFS Magazine

Conversely, avoid mobile CRM solutions that attempt to squeeze your entire customer database and functionality into your CRM’s mobile application. It will be too large and cumbersome for out-of-office employees to navigate and they’ll use it sparingly to avoid the hassle.


Is your team trained to use mobile sales tools?

The best mobile sales tools are intuitive and easy to maneuver. However, your sales team could always benefit from training.

Ensure your team is up-to-speed on how to use your mobile sales tools. Your sales team should be aware of their mobile CRM’s key features, and be comfortable with navigating the system. Encourage them to report any bugs or issues that make it difficult to use. You might also consider holding training sessions to address any lingering concerns. Studies show that sales training leads to bolstered sales and a higher employee retention rate.


Is this the right tool for your business size?

If your sales force is small, you’re in a great position to use mobile sales tools. Small businesses are significantly better positioned for success by using a customized solution to suit a small (but mighty!) sales team, rather than trying to use the same CRM tool as enterprise competitors.

The needs of small sales teams can differ greatly from the sales armies of corporate giants. Your mobile sales strategy and technology should reflect those differences.


Is the tech you’re using right for your industry?

When companies are marketing to consumers within a specific industry, their mobile sales needs are as unique as the verticals they’re targeting. The real estate and manufacturing sectors, for example, are experiencing high demand for industry-specific CRMs.


Photo: Mentatdgt, YFS Magazine

When researching your mobile CRM options, ensure it’s a good match for your vertical. Identify the key information and technology your sales team requires to be successful. Make sure the CRM solution you choose works for the market your business is targeting.


How about third party integrations?

When you’re shopping for a sales and CRM tool, look for one that aligns well with a variety of third-party solutions. The integrations should benefit your business and team while they’re selling outside the office.

Sales reps should not have to struggle trying to navigate and toggle between several apps and tools on their mobile device. The right integrations will give your team the edge it needs to make the sales in the field.


The definition of a sales office is more fluid today than ever before. Your reps could be striking deals from their home, a customer’s place of business – or even poolside on a sunny day. Statistics indicate an increasing number of Americans are working remotely, and sales professionals are at the forefront of this trend.

Make sure your sales team is equipped with the tools it needs to succeed – whether it be at your main office or on the go.


H. John Oechsle joined Swiftpage in July 2012 and currently serves as president and chief executive officer. John came to Swiftpage with a 30 year track record of building highly profitable and sustainable revenue growth for emerging companies and established global leaders. 


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