Starting A Coaching Business Online? Avoid These Common Mistakes

While it’s totally possible to build a successful business in this area many online coaches struggle to successfully launch and hit their goals!

Photo: Jane Baker, online business coach; Source: Courtesy Photo

The online coaching industry is booming. Aspiring entrepreneurs are wakening to the fact that they can build a coaching business around their natural talents, skills and training. In this day and age you can literally start an online business doing anything. So it’s little wonder why online coaching businesses are on the rise.

While it’s totally possible to build a successful business in this area many online coaches struggle to successfully launch and hit their goals!

Here’s the most common mistakes I see online coaches make.


1. Bigger is always better

Bigger isn’t always better! The fact is when you start building an online coaching business you are unknown. The only way you’re going to cut through the noise is to get specific with the audience you’re targeting.

According to Seth Godin, an ideal customer is a) a customer who wants your products, has the ability to pay for the product and the authority to purchase it.

Some people think the more people you can help the more money you’ll make – it’s simply not true. The more specific you are the easier it is for your audience to find you. As a result, you’ll quickly establish yourself and hit your sales goals.


2. It’s all about me

Photo: Buro Millennial, Pexels
Photo: Buro Millennial, YFS Magazine

You are good at what you are doing – naturally. Otherwise you wouldn’t do it! But when it comes to selling it isn’t about you. It’s about their ideal clients (i.e., target audience). By far, this is one of the biggest mistakes I see online coaches make. They sell based on their point of view and not what their ideal clients want or need.


3. Rely solely on customer surveys

Surveys have a purpose. However, they should be your sole research effort when determine which products to sell and freebies. Truthfully, you have no idea who’s completing your survey. That survey you post in a Facebook group could gather a lot of responses and it seems intuitive to build a product based on popular answers. As a result, no one buys. This is because your survey wasn’t completed by ideal clients. If you want to get to know them better, get out there and engage!


4. I’ll do it all on my own

Photo: Buro Millennial, Pexels
Photo: Buro Millennial, YFS Magazine

Success isn’t a solo show. Yet many online business owners want to do it all on their own. They view collaboration as a bad thing. However, collaborating and strategic partnerships can be one of the fastest ways to get in front of your ideal clients and grow your business. I grew my email list to over 300 subscribers in 3 weeks (without ads) by collaborating with others. It works!


5. Keep secrets locked away

I’m not suggesting you give everything away. Yet you can’t expect people to buy from you when they don’t know anything about you or how you can help them. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle your expertise and value around like glitter. Give people the opportunity to experience what it might be like if they hire you!


A successful online coaching business requires consistency and determination coupled with a specific and simple strategy. Cut through the noise and take those first steps to be seen by your ideal clients and make initial sales.


Jane Baker is a business owner and coach. She specialises in working with online business owners helping them craft a message, packages and strategy that enables them to attract their ideal clients who are ready and willing to pay their prices!


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