5 Home Office Design Trends We’re Loving Right Now

If you work from home, then you know your home office is your productivity sanctuary – your genius zone. Here's a look at five design tips we love.

Photo: Erica Nicole, Founder and CEO of YFS Magazine
Photo: Erica Nicole, Founder and CEO of YFS Magazine

If you work from home, then you know your home office is your productivity sanctuary – your genius zone. There’s never been a better time to work from a home office. Technology makes it possible for entrepreneurs to build multi-million dollar businesses from the comfort of home.

At their best, home offices can create the kind of deep flow state that builds empires… but that rarely happens by accident. Whether you’ve carved out a small space or dedicated an entire room to your workflow, there are useful design tips that can make working from home more enjoyable. Here’s a look at what we’re loving right now.


1. Use a credenza (or buffet) to organize office essentials

Source: West Elm Delphine Buffet

Credenzas are generally found in a dining room (or referred to as a sideboard cupboard). But if you want to add a stylish touch to your home office, use a credenza to organize office supplies and keep them out of sight – resulting in a much more organized, stylish and clean home office space.


2. Brighten up your office space with fresh flowers

Photo: Secret Garden, Pexels
Photo: Secret Garden, YFS Magazine

Fresh flowers are the perfect way to add instant ambiance to your office space. Whether you pick them up from your local florist, grocery store or have them delivered from The Bouqs Company or Amazon (yes, Amazon delivers fresh flowers), they’ll add a nice touch to your decor and brighten up your hectic work days.


3. Invest in a thinking chair

Source: AllModern, Papasan Chair

Warren Buffett, the CEO of the fourth-largest company in the country, isn’t as busy as you. By his own estimate, he has spent 80 percent of his career reading and thinking. Suffice to say, a thinking chair is a smart addition to your home office. A thinking chair can act as a great visual reminder to spend more time on your business rather than in it. Find a comfortable and functional office chair and set it aside in a corner with a few of your favorite business books and dedicate time each day to think!


4. Create a fluid and modern vision board

Source: Ikea, SPONTAN Magnetic board

A vision board is a powerful visualization tool. Also known as a dream board, it is a simple, valuable and inspirational collage that can serve as your tangible image of the future. Vision boards can represent ideas, dreams, business goals, and your ideal life. Collect photos from your favorite magazines, print out visuals from your favorite websites and post them to your board. A magnetic board is a beautiful alternative to the standard cork board. Easily adjust your visuals through the week as new inspiration strikes. Try out a SPONTAN magnetic board ($12.99) from Ikea or a Muro Magnetic Memo Board in Stainless Steel ($57.33).


5. Make better use of your light

Source: West Elm Metal Frame Oversized Floor Mirror, Antique Brass

Reflect natural light from a window by placing an oversized mirror on the wall adjacent to the window or across from it. When a mirror is placed directly across from a window in a small room, it gives the illusion of another window, which instantly brightens your office and makes it feel more spacious. It sounds simple, but it can do wonders for your productivity and overall office mood.


Personalizing your workspace is a great first step in designing a comfortable and stylish home office. No matter where you start, thoughtfully address every area of your office for maximum productivity and enjoyment. Eventually you’ll end up with an effective and thoughtfully designed space.


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