4 Simple Hacks To Create Content That Converts

For some online business owners content marketing can be a dreadful phrase. You know you need to create it, but where do you begin?

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For some online business owners content marketing can be a dreadful phrase. You know you need to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain an audience and customers, but where do you begin?

As a result you may end up staring at a blank computer screen for hours, typing and deleting, then typing again only to scrap the whole thing! Can you outsource content development? Sure. But is content really that difficult to create? Is there some magic template to create content that converts? Not really.

When you remove your negative beliefs around content creation you’ll realize that it’s actually very simple. Here’s some quick hacks to help you create content that converts.


1. Talk to your ideal customers

The “secret” to creating high value content that actually converts is developing content that speaks to your ideal clients. You can only achieve this by knowing what they need, want and desire. Engage, ask questions, discover what they are searching for online, what keeps them up late at night. Show them you have what they’re looking for and create content with them in mind.


2. Create content that answers their questions and concerns

One of the best ways to create engaging content that converts is to find out which questions your ideal clients have and answer them in your content. You know the answer and if you simply provide it in your content, you add immediate value. It really couldn’t be simpler.


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If you’re not sure which pressing questions to answer, take a grassroots approach. Research targeted online forums and use social media. For example, Instagram Stories offers a Question feature which starts a Q&A in your Stories. People who view your Story can type their questions directly into your post.


3. Let your days inspire you

There’s inspiration all around you. As you engage with your ideal clients to conversations with business peers and situations you experience or see during your day, open yourself up to the possibilities of finding great content inspiration everywhere. There’s content all around you. Get in the mental space where you can use it and let it flow.


4. Call your audience to action (CTA)

If you want your content to convert tell your ideal clients what you want them to do after they’ve engaged with your content. Add a compelling call to action (CTA) in order to guide them to the next step. As David Zheng, the Editor in Chief at CrazyEgg, explains, “Before you write your call to action, determine the goal you’re trying to achieve: Do you want to increase subscriptions? Boost sales? Move readers to another content piece?”

Do you want them to join your email list, download a free guide, purchase your new course, share it with friends, etc.? Your content will only convert if you actually tell your audience what next steps they can take.


Creating content that converts is really simple when you strip away all of the fluff and get clear on who your ideal clients are, create content that speaks directly to them and call them into action so they know what to do next.


Jane Baker is a successful business owner and coach. She specialises in helping online service-based business owners create high end packages and combine those high end packages with marketing strategies and sales processes that bring in daily leads and convert those leads into consistent five figure cash months.


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