How To Hire An Offshore Web Development Company In India

Here's a look at five things to consider that will help you choose the best web development company in India (or any country for that matter).

Many startups and small businesses consider offshoring various services to be handled in a different country. The primary motivation is to make the most of cost advantages.

When you find a country where the exchange rate gives your business a distinct monetary benefit, you can work with partners in that region and reduce costs. For example, U.S. and U.K. based companies often offshore aspects of their business to countries like India, Philippines, and China, etc.

Offshoring allows companies to reduce operations costs and tap into local market tech-savvy and skilled talent. For example, a common project is offshore web development company in India. However, some companies are hesitant when it comes to knowing what to look for and ultimately find the best company.

Here’s a look at five things to consider that will help you choose the best web development company in India (or any country for that matter).


1. Focus on experience and a proven track record

Experience is not necessarily counted in the years a company has existed. Instead, consider how experienced they are with the new cutting edge technology. Look for a web development company that leverages industry best practices and standards. Meanwhile, their proficiency with digital algorithms and upgrades should be evident. You can observe this by reviewing their portfolio, visiting live apps and websites the company has created and contacting a few of their previous clients, if available.


2. Identify their level of communication skills

Communication is key when you need to gauge the competency of an offshore web development company in India. Doing business across time zones can be intimidating alongside language and cultural differences. Poor communication can absolutely derail partnerships.

Start with something as elementary as communication in English and observe the comfortability of your conversation. Meanwhile, note their response times; how quickly they answer your calls or reply to your emails (keeping time zones in mind).


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An offshore web development company should also be familiar with the latest collaboration and communication technology. Skype for a video conferencing, for example, will help you connect at any given time. Meanwhile, team collaboration tools like Slack and instant messaging tools can be beneficial as well. It is essential that your overseas partner has the necessary tools communicate with clients in a timely manner in their preferred medium.

Meanwhile, clients should ensure a potential offshore partner is comfortable with their communication style. Foster positive relationships by “communicating requirements clearly, managing commitments as demand forecasts evolve, and collaborating to solve problems when they arise.”


3. Vet their social media presence

Today every company, from mom-and-pop shops to industry front-runners, has a social media presence. You can easily get to know more about a web development company in India through their social media platforms.

Do they have an active, thriving social media presence? Do they routinely publish content on their preferred social media accounts? Review their basic online profile, follow them and gauge how active and engaged they are with followers. If there are a sizable number of bad online reviews, that’s a red flag to consider.


4. Ask the right questions

There are people who ask irrelevant questions on subjects they don’t know anything about. As an entrepreneur, you have extensive knowledge about your niche and possibly a bit of insight into coding and programming. So instead of asking programming related questions, ask how a company’s skill sets are competent enough to achieve your business objectives. The goal is to learn how they plan to use their skills to attain your goals.


5. Begin with a small project

Start with smaller projects in the beginning. This will help you check their ability in handling the projects within a stipulated time period and budget.


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