Can You Go From Hating Sales To Loving It?

You can change your relationship with sales and reap the benefits of loving your business and growing revenue. Here's how to get started.

Photo: Mariana C. Ruiz, Certified Business Coach and Consultant | Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Mariana C. Ruiz, Certified Business Coach and Consultant | Source: Courtesy Photo

I have a confession to make: I was terrified of sales when I started my business. As a former nurse, I was so focused on serving and helping clients that I completely lost sight of what it would take to fulfill my mission in the first place.

Eventually, my relationship with sales morphed into a necessary aspect of owning my business, but it still felt like a chore. Today, selling is an aspect that I have fallen in love with; freeing me from my 9-5 job and enabling me to impact hundreds of people all over the world with my message and work. That is what is possible when you change your mindset and relationship with sales.


Sell confidently with 3 mindset shifts

Now let’s dig into how you can change your relationship with sales and reap the benefits of loving your business and growing revenue.


1. You cannot perfect something in ‘theory’

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs focus on perfecting their products or services in theory. They spend hours tweaking and perfecting the modules of their course, the quality of their product, the branding of their services, the coaching format and so on. What they don’t realize is this: you cannot perfect something without customer feedback.

You must be willing to create an imperfect product thats agile enough to embrace improvements. Otherwise you’ll end up making a lot of assumption-based decisions that cost a lot of time and money.

Get your product into the hands of customers so you can actually improve it. As a result, you will learn what people love. This insight will help you sell it more effectively.


2. Being the world’s best kept secret does not serve the world

Spread the word about what you do because it allows you to serve. It’s not about “self-promotion” or being sleazy, it’s about getting the word out to those that can benefit. If they don’t know your offering they cannot possibly buy it which means they cannot experience the results.


3. Sell to serve, not convince

Small business owners all too often associate selling with something you do to someone or think of it as manipulating people to buy. When you change your focus to service, everyone wins.

When I look at sales now compared to when I started, I focus on the impact that a sale can make. Falling in love with these ripples are what really changed the game for me in terms of my relationship with sales.

Here is a breakdown of some of the ripples of impact that are possible when you create the courage sell.


  • Impact profit margin: This ensures you can continue to run and grow your business, pay yourself and live the life you desire.

  • Serve customers: Help your customers solve their problems and improve their lives.

  • Hire a team to fulfill your mission: Provides jobs, feed families and support dreams.


Sell to serve

Selling is serving. Not to be cliche or corny, but it’s the natural progression of impact that stems from selling.

In order to fall in love with sales, you must be willing to start with the “imperfect” and use customer feedback to refine your offer. It’s equally as important to change your mindset from “self-promotion” to “serving.” Lastly, notice and fall in love with the ripples of impact that are made possible by selling. These ripples range from improving your life, your customer’s lives and the team you are able to build. There’s nothing sleazy or scary about that!


Mariana C. Ruiz is a Certified Business Coach and Consultant who helps entrepreneurs create a profitable business through high-level marketing and sales strategies to expand their reach and convert their audience to clients, so they can make a bigger impact in the world while living the life they desire. She has been featured in various podcasts, blogs and online courses including the Huffington Post, Today.com, and The Millionaire Insider Extravaganza. Through working with hundreds of business owners, she has empowered them to earn more so they can live the life that they desire. You can catch her podcast and join the community at ImpactDrivenEntrepreneur.com.


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