3 Ways To Upgrade Your Mindset And Transform Your Life

What does it take to succeed? Success coach Sheryl Grant reveals 3 ways a mental road map can help entrepreneurs reach business and life goals.

Sheryl Grant, founder and CEO of Sheryl Grant Enterprises | Courtesy Photo
Sheryl Grant, founder and CEO of Sheryl Grant Enterprises | Courtesy Photo

What does it take to succeed? What do successful people know that some of us don’t? An extraordinary achievement in both life and business can seem elusive. As a result, there’s no shortage of interest in these questions.

The brutal truth about success is that, “Success is never found in acquiring what you don’t have, but in what you’re willing to do with what you already possess,” according to Inc. Contributing Editor Jeff Haden. For entrepreneurs who want to work smarter with what they already have it, it’s about a lifetime of continuous improvement. For success coach Sheryl Grant, transformational leadership through personal development and community building is the name of the game.

Grant taps into a trifecta of neuro-training, physical fitness and increased productivity to unlock her own personal ambition, revenue potential and self-confidence. She also urges success-minded individuals to to be F.I.T. – leverage “Faith, Intuition and Tenacity” to reach their goals.

“F.I.T. cultivates your inner ability to push through any of life’s perceived obstacles, break through barriers and manifest your heart’s dreams and desires,” says Grant. This approach can help you “establish a mindset and emotional framework that will nurture, uplift and inspire” many areas of your life.

Below, Grant offers insight on three of her mind-bolstering methods that, as she explains, can help us cultivate a greater awareness of who we are, develop a road map of where we need and want to go, and conceptualize how we intend to get there.


Start a dialogue with yourself

Begin by asking yourself some basic questions: Who are you? What are you good at? What do people you care about see in you? When have you felt the most alive? What can you learn from others who have a strong purpose and inspire you?

Ultimately, living with purpose means focusing on what matters most to you. And following the money and following your heart don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There’s not much mystery as to why most people work: to earn money. However, there are a lot of ways to pay the bills.

The “why” refers to the underlying, personal reasons you started a particular business and what you are trying to accomplish. Knowing where you are going and, as importantly, why it will inform and strengthen both your personal and career identities. It will help you reach your goals much quicker.

Such self-awareness also fosters drive, confidence and self-esteem that can transform you into an unstoppable force—giving you the strength to persist through failure and adversity. You’ll likely be happier, too, and an inspiration to those around you.


Identify all of your inner strengths

When people are living in their “sweet spot,” they are more productive and naturally add value to the world around them. Accordingly, this mode is when people also tend to make more money!

What have you always been good at? What motivates and inspires you? Perhaps it’s things that come naturally to you, to the point that you wonder why others struggle in the same area?

Upgrade your mindset
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While passion can also certainly blossom from areas in which you aren’t naturally talented, we rarely aspire toward ambitions for which we have no natural talent to achieve. As civil rights leader Howard Thurman once wrote, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive, then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Indeed they do.


Know where you add value

Doing work that you’re good at, but which holds no passion for you, is not a pathway to fulfillment. When we know our greatest strengths and where we can add the most value, we can better focus on the opportunities, roles and business paths where success will likely occur. These are usually the same avenues where a person finds the greatest sense of accomplishment and contribution.

All too often we undervalue our strengths, skills and the expertise that we naturally acquire over time. A great way to discover this for ourselves is to discern what we’re equipped to help provide solutions at home, in the workplace, and in industry. Also, uncovering the problems we enjoy solving, and problems we feel passionate about attempting to solve.


The answers to these questions can help bring focus and develop a much clearer series of intentions that are based on natural strengths, and tasks one innately excels at, rather than trying to bolster or eliminate weaknesses.


Sheryl Grant is the Founder and CEO of Sheryl Grant Enterprises, LLC, a company focused on personal transformation from the inside out. Previously Sheryl served as the Executive Director for The Global Women’s Leadership Network (GWLN), which has graduated over 200 women from over 30 countries and delivered Transformational Leadership Training Programs that focus on creating gender equality and economic empowerment for women and girls around the globe. Sheryl currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce.


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