5 Apps To Help You Acquire, Engage and Retain Customers

If you're growing your small business, customer experience is everything. Here's a look at five online tools that get the job done well. 

As you’re growing your small business, customer experience is vital. The right technology can do the heavy lifting. Every business can benefit from fresh new ways and tools to attract new customers, engage current ones and retain them. Here’s a look at five online, budget-friendly tools that get the job done well.


Increase sales calls with CallPage

The CallPage web-based and mobile app helps businesses convert websites page views into inbound sales calls through an immediate callback to a real phone number. The app is designed to work better than simply offering a phone number and invitation to call your business.

 Increase Small Business Sales Calls

CallPage prompts online visitors to request a callback and then rings the website owner and initiates a call with the visitor. Missed calls? No problem. CallPage sends an automatic text message when a team member misses a call. It informs the business owner of the date and time of the missed call and customer’s phone number. According to CallPage, clients may see a 75% increase in calls, conversion, leads, and deals. CallPage is currently offering a 7-day free trial.


Engage customers online with Intercom

Intercom’s customer messaging platform is a robust tool for online and mobile businesses who want to better communicate with their customers. With Intercom, your business can send targeted messages to onboard and activate users, announce new features, and more.

Their online platform allows you to target, onboard, announce and measure your engagement. The app lets you easily segment customers and send a targeted and personalized series of email, push and in-app messages to activate, onboard and convert every new customer.

Intercom Customer Messaging Platform

Meanwhile, you can share info about new features and products by email and show people how to use them inside your app to drive adoption. Best of all, you can measure and optimize your messages and campaigns to see what works best. Early-stage companies can access all of Intercom’s pro products for a flat rate of $49 a month for up to one year.


Grow your online reputation and increase reviews with Podium

Podium is an interaction platform that helps businesses collect reviews, get found online, and communicate with customers—all via text. Their online platform makes it easy for startups and small businesses to collect, manage, and respond to all of their online reviews (from Google, Facebook, etc.) in one centralized location.

Podium Customer Interaction Online Review Management Customer Reviews

For example, local businesses can simply send an invitation via text and get a review within 30 seconds. You can also receive texts, Facebook, Google, and Webchat messages, respond to all of your channels from one inbox, collaborate on customer issues with your team, and manage everything from a phone or laptop. If you want to manage your online reputation, improve business ratings and grow your local offline business, Podium does just that and more. Give Podium a test run with their free online demo.


Eliminate clunky, frustrating agent experiences with Kustomer

If you want to increase sales, you need to know everything about your customer and their journey. Kustomer is a robust online tool that tracks every purchase, return, ad clicked on or social comments–presented on an elegant omnichannel timeline view for customer service agents, so they can consistently deliver white glove service.

Kustomer - Next-Gen Customer Management Platform

Not only does Kustomer provide agents with an intuitive and user-friendly workspace, but it’s also designed to create customer friendships with its Slack-like approach to CRM. If you’re looking for a modern, user-friendly customer management platform for a people-first business, Kustomer is a compelling option.


Build a high-performance customer service team with Stella Connect

Stella Connect helps customer support teams analyze and improve their performance in real time. The online app works by collecting agent-level performance insights from customers after every service interaction.

Stella Connect - Build a Higher-Performing Team

Customers can easily rate their interaction with an agent. The comments and star ratings deliver actionable performance insights on individual agents. Best of all, Stella Connect helps you keep a constant pulse on agent performance and the tools you need to turn insights into action. This level of visibility can empower your team and open up possibilities for micro-coaching and agent development.


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