Take Care Of People In Your Business

How To Take Care Of Your People

Many founders and CEOs struggle with knowing how to develop and lead the people within their business. Here are six simple ways to start.


Photo: Ken Gosnell, CEO and Servant Leader of CXP (CEO Experience); Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Ken Gosnell, CEO and Servant Leader of CXP (CEO Experience); Source: Courtesy Photo

There are many topics and issues that are taught in business school. These topics range from accounting, marketing, and even business ethics. However, many founders and CEOs struggle with knowing how to develop and lead the people within their business.

The following is just a small sample of how to start caring for the people in your business.


1. Put people before tasks

People should always come first, but in the age of professional businesses, people often come last. Think strategically about how to put people first in your business.


2. Accept others’ faults and failures

Forgive people when they hurt you. Wounds in the business seem to live on forever. As the leader, you must forgive other people’s faults and failures so that it does not impact your business.


3. Schedule time to renew

You cannot give to others what you have not received. One of the most important things that you, as a leader, can do is to get away and reconnect with your vision.


4. Tell people about the real struggles you face

Be open with people about your life. People want to follow someone who is real and authentic. Share stories of success but, more importantly, share your failures as well.


5. Open your heart and listen to people’s stories

Everyone has a story. Some stories are a fantastic transformation of moving from dark to light. Others stories are long journeys with many a twist and turn. The key to caring for others is to listen to people and their stories.

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6. Remember significant events in people’s lives

Send a card or a note to celebrate something significant that has happened in the life of an employee or co-founder a year following the event. This is especially profound as it relates to the death of a loved one.

People realize you care if you are still thinking about their life event a year or two after it occurs. This can be remembered by simply putting it on your calendar and setting an annual reminder. This event was significant to them, and it should be significant to you as their leader.


A leader is many things to many different people. However, as a shepherd cares for the flock they oversee, you must learn the “how-to” of a leader in a similar capacity.


Ken Gosnell is the CEO and Servant Leader of CXP (CEO Experience). He serves leaders by helping them to have great experiences that both transform them and their organizations that enable to go further faster. He has worked with hundreds of CEOs and leadership teams to enhance strategic, operational and people accomplishments. He is an author, coach, and strategic partner with CEOs. Ken is the creator and facilitator of the Christian CEO Linkedin Group and creator of the CEO Experience Impact Assessment. He is married to Shonda, and they have four children. Connect with @ken_gosnell on Twitter.


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Take Care Of People In Your Business
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