Balance Is A Myth! Don’t Be Afraid To Pursue This Instead

As adults, we are on a quest to find balance in life and business. But what is this blissful balance we long for?

Carol-Ann Reid
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As adults, we are on a quest to find balance in life. But what is this blissful balance we long for?

When I was building my previous company, I was constantly working to find the balance between my business, family life, being a wife, running a house, serving my clients, keeping fit and healthy, making myself available for new opportunities, managing finances and everything in between.

In fact, let’s get real.

I should have said I was:

  • navigating my way through creating a business from scratch;
  • checking in with family to make sure everyone was healthy, happy, and all upcoming birthdays and celebrations were taken care of;
  • keeping on top of a house and home office (despite not being a natural-born hincher!);
  • giving everything to clients and serving an online community of epic warriors;
  • making myself go to the gym when all I wanted to do was eat peanut butter out of the jar;
  • attempting to navigate my way through spreadsheets and keep on top of personal and business accounts (cue major procrastination due to Excel allergy);
  • spend time on my mindset and spiritual stuff;
  • and everything in between.


Are you on a seesaw?

I was spinning many plates, fearful that if I took my eyes of any of them, one of them would come crashing down.

I believed when I found this elusive thing we call balance – all would be well. I looked outside of myself for this energetic treasure. I read every book I could get my hands on about “How to create a better life and career balance.” It was frustrating and tiring.

Photo: Juliet Furs, Unsplash
Photo: Juliet Furs, YFS Magazine

Balance implies that you must shift energy from one side to another, like a seesaw. But this can lead you to feel if you put more focus into your home life, your work must suffer, and if you put more energy into your work life, your home life will suffer.

I have yet to meet someone who is giving their all to adulting duties that says “I feel my life is very balanced.”

Standing still with two feet firmly on the ground is balanced. Is balance a pragmatic pursuit when you’re building a life and career you love? Will balance bring you joy and fulfillment?


It’s not about finding balance

Life as an adult comes with responsibilities. We’re also aware time is always of the essence as we watch the days roll into weeks, months, and years. And here we are, fumbling around looking for this thing we call balance. It took me to arrive near burnout before the realization hit me.

It’s not about finding balance; it’s about creating harmony.


Harmony is about you. It is about placing your energy and focus on what is important and ensuring it aligns highest with your values. This is when you feel the harmonious wave of presence and belonging wash over you. You can feel your way through harmony. Stop and check-in with yourself. How you are feeling during the day (without judgment)?

Set aside small pockets of time to focus on your well-being. This seemingly small habit will bring you so much more joy, energy, and harmony than the quest for balance ever will.


3 steps to harmonious living and working

Here are three steps to support your efforts to bring more harmony into your everyday life.


1. Fill up your own cup

Even when it feels like you don’t have time, make the time. Whether it’s five minutes or 50 minutes, do something that lights you up. It could mean indulging in a book, a quick five-minute meditation, or going for a brisk walk. Do something that gives you a few minutes to reset. This will help you be much more productive, present, and resilient.


2. Ask for help

Delegating small, seemingly insignificant tasks can free up your time and reserve energy. Let people around you know you are on a journey to bring more harmony into your life, and how much you appreciate their support and understanding.


3. Put the plates down

The world will not come crumbling down around you if you put one or two spinning plates down for a short while, while you give your arms a rest. You are a human being, not a human doing. You will enjoy life much more when you give yourself permission to pause, breathe, and reset.



Carol-Ann Reid is a Life Coach who helps individuals and business owners get clarity on their life purpose, release their inner limitations, and create a strategy for success. Working with a unique blend of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, time-line therapy, and life coaching skills, her clients get the transformational results they desire. Carol-Ann believes you can live the life you are destined for with self-awareness, a clear vision, and collective consciousness. To find out more about Carol-Ann Reid, visit carolannreid.com.


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