How To Keep Team Morale Up During Peak Season

When business picks up and the days feel endless, how do you keep team morale up? Here are three quick ways to boost everyone’s mood and stay productive.

Parker Davis, CEO of Nexa | Source: Courtesy Photo
Parker Davis, CEO of Nexa | Source: Courtesy Photo

Seasonality is critical to a lot of various industries. Your business might be ramping up as winter sets in. Moving from a lull into the grind isn’t easy for you or your team, and you might have a hard time adjusting. When work picks up and the days feel endless, how do you keep team morale up?

Here are three quick ways you can boost everyone’s mood and stay productive.


1. Celebrate small wins

When it comes down to it, the details are what make up your bigger picture. If you wait to celebrate progress until you hit a big win, your team will lose momentum. Don’t make this mistake!

Find small ways to acknowledge the little wins along the way. Something as simple as a weekly email with stats and shout-outs is a great way to highlight hard workers in front of their peers. This is a motivator too, because who doesn’t want a shout-out?


2. Tackle each day as it comes

When the busy season hits, it’s tempting to work overtime and all-nighters to get everything done. While the occasional long day will be necessary, expectations of daily overtime will burn you and your team out, fast. You’ll create an unsustainable and unhappy work environment, too.

Take breaks! “Taking breaks means you can work smarter, not longer,” says Nexa. “This will result in more productive workdays, higher levels of personal success, and better overall health.”

Photo: Fauxels, Pexels
Photo: Fauxels, YFS Magazine

Throughout the day, get up at least once an hour to walk and stretch. (Step away from your screen during this break! If you’re scrolling the internet or on your phone, it doesn’t count!) Try to take lunch away from your desk, as well. Your brain needs a break.

If you don’t encourage everyone to take the needed time away from work, no one will be productive for long. Your team needs to know you have their backs, even when it gets hard. Don’t let them down.


3. Say thank you

Don’t underestimate the power of a thank you! Everyone wants more recognition, and if you can give that to them, you’ll considerably increase your team’s daily happiness in busy seasons.

Photo: Fauxels, Pexels
Photo: Fauxels, YFS Magazine

When you say thank you, don’t just thank your team. Thank their families! We know peak seasons come with the territory when you run a seasonal business, and we know your employees know that too. That doesn’t negate the long hours and the fact that they’re sacrificing time with their loved ones.

While the best gift would be time off, if that’s not possible right now, get creative. Gift baskets, additional PTO for future use, and extra cash bonuses are all great ways to show appreciation. A company party or event is another great idea, where everyone can unwind and enjoy time with each other.


Keep spirits high during peak season

Peak season is no joke, but you can be ready! You need to take precautions to avoid burnout, for both you and your team.

Remember to celebrate small wins, take breaks, and thank everyone for hard work. Don’t forget to follow this advice for yourself, as well! Being a leader isn’t easy. You need to set boundaries to avoid burnout.

Don’t just survive this peak season! Thrive by thoughtfully leading your team.


Parker Davis is the CEO of Nexa, a leader in the virtual receptionist and technology-enabled answering services industry. Since 2015, Parker has been responsible for Nexa’s strategic vision, senior level management, and equity creation. He believes that the application of data analytics, investment in technology, and fostering a positive company culture together create highly efficient and scalable growth companies. He has an M.B.A from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a B.A. in Economics from the University of Notre Dame. Connect with @callnexa on Twitter.


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