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How To Work From Anywhere And Maintain Your Productivity

Need to keep your 'work from anywhere' momentum going? Here's some expert advice that will help you maintain your productivity while working remotely.

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Heading to the office from 9-5 with an hour lunch break, clothed in suits and pantsuits, and taking one vacation a year, is a thing of the past.

Today’s workforce is motivated, independent, and demanding a different way forward. Many businesses are answering this call by allowing their employees to work remotely, creating distributed team models, and establishing standard work from home policies.

Working outside out of the office gives you a sense of freedom––when all you need is your laptop and Wi-Fi. Remote working provides you and your team the flexibility to travel, spend time with family and friends, and to live the life of their dreams.


Productivity tips for remote working

While remote working is highly desired in today’s society and provides many incredible benefits, there are some nuances. One of the main problem areas for those who work remotely is the beast of distraction.

Many who work from home find it difficult to stay focused and productive. It’s easy for your mind to wander as you end up doing something else for a while and dodging the work at hand.

For those who can work remotely, it is essential to discover ways to maintain productivity. It’s smart to listen to practical advice from people who have tackled the ins and outs of remote work if you want to keep your work-at-home momentum going. So, here is some expert advice that will help you maintain your productivity while working remotely:


1. Change your workspace scenery

The Founder of Your Big PR + BIG Exposure, Haley Hoffman Smith, advises when working remotely, it’s essential to frequently switch up your work environment. Smith explains how things can get pretty dull if you work at the same coffee house every day.

While she believes the adage that if it isn’t broken, you shouldn’t fix it, Smith teaches that it can be a great idea to at least have different days for different places just to keep things feeling fresh.

By Jacob Lund, YFS Magazine
By Jacob Lund, YFS Magazine

“The brain is most productive in a new environment too, because it is more stimulated,” says Smith. “I got a coworking space membership thanks to a recommendation from a friend, and the act of going into a little office space, with so many little nooks and work areas, was revolutionary for me. Anytime I felt myself getting bored or tired, I’d simply change my work spot––from the main area to a back booth, or even change floors. I was getting more done every day than I’d ever gotten done before.”


2. Ignore the state of your house

Dayana Mayfield, SAAS Copywriter, is a self-employed, work-from-home mom who knows what it’s like to work with blankets and toys flying around everywhere.

While Mayfield acknowledges it’s important to keep your workspace tidy, she says if you need to work right then, you’re just going to have to ignore the state of your house––even if you’re a neat freak.

“Don’t get stuck cleaning the living room. Don’t let yourself get sucked into the surroundings and temptation to clean the house––especially if you have young children in the house,” Mayfield says. “If you want, you can do chores on the break. Make sure you’re choosing to do that intentionally and not as a distraction away from work.”

It’s important to remember clients pay you for deliverables and to be 100% present while you work remotely. Mayfield reminds people to be respectful of the flexible working arrangement.


3. Create clear boundaries and priorities

Schools don’t teach you to choose a career that enables you to work from home. The founder of Elemental Shift, Dr. Chris Lee, knows how hard it can be to make a distinction between what is work and what is home, especially for Type-A personalities.

Lee says, “When I uncovered these patterns, it really started to have a compound effect on how much time I was wanting to invest versus how much I was actually investing. My family is my primary focus. So having that distinction––what are my business needs and what are my personal needs–– allows me to focus on the things that truly matter to me without burnout.”

Lee suggests using calendar reminders and knowing the time you allocate to your work will stretch out. It’s also important to delegate when possible.


4. Maintain a physical health routine

Braden Wallake, the founder of Hypersocial, discovered that being on the road all of the time and maintaining a level of productivity for 4 to 6 hours each day, meant he had a lot to do. However, he realized adequate focus during that time would require physical strength.

“Maintain a physical health routine that consists of regular exercise, healthy food, and regular sleep,” advises Wallake.

“I make sure to walk at least 10,000 steps a day, as well as maintain a healthy diet and 6-8 hours of sleep each day. This ensures that my mental state stays clear and focused while making sure my energy level stays high throughout the day.”


Clair Kim is a business architect for multi six-plus figure thought leaders that are looking to eliminate their income cap and burnout and effortlessly scale to 7-8 figures. She has consulted with companies of all stages (from ideation to exit, from no revenue to 10 figure organizations) internationally using her REFRESH method. Her insights are featured in major media publications such as Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and alongside award-winning entrepreneurs Michael Stelzner, Ryan Levesque, and John Lee Dumas on The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast (featured as the 35 Outstanding Podcasts by Inc.com). When Clair is not geeking out on business-related things, you can find her living her stage life as a musician, or surfing through YouTube for puppy videos. Learn more at clairlydesigned.com.


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