How A Business Consultant Can Benefit Your Growing Company

Here's a detailed look at the benefits of partnering with a business consultant to grow your small business.

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There is always a way to increase profit, revenue, and market share. A business growth consultant offers assistance explicitly focused on growing your business to new levels.

Every growing company should partner with a business consultant to gain insight into proven strategies and growth methods. A good consultant will not dictate. Instead, they will listen to your leadership team and employees and work collaboratively to help you meet your goals.

A consultant will also evaluate the current position of your business and identify any matters that adversely impact your company’s growth. After conversations, deep listening, and observation, they will create a comprehensive and tailored plan to help turn problems around.


Why companies hire business consultants

In many cases, a business consultant will have a higher level of business expertise than members of your team, which is imperative to rapid growth.

Business consultants work with multiple companies, which means they draw experience from a variety of industries. As a result, they approach a business objectively, allowing for more diverse solutions and ideas. This, in turn, enables them to provide creative solutions for your business.

The advantages of hiring a business consultant are endless. Most importantly, they’ll equip you with a strategic plan that encompasses every moving part of your company to move forward with confidence.


Benefits of hiring a business consultant

Here’s a detailed look at the benefits of partnering with a business consultant to grow your small business.

A business consultant can:

  • put you in touch with contacts and resources that are difficult to find, take years to compile and have already been vetted, which saves you time and shortens learning curves
  • access resources to help you save realize savings on costs as well as taxes
  • share a non-biased review of daily operations
  • analyze and recommend benefit programs for you and your employees
  • help develop compensation programs and offer valuable resources that are not easily accessible
  • use their third-party resources to improve overlooked tax strategies, legal and insurance deficiencies.
  • connect you with tax, legal, benefits and specialized coaches

Business consultants also possess the expertise to assess current plans and uncover opportunities that could benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Broaden your understanding of tax-saving strategies
  • Obtain money back on taxes that are owed
  • Establish systems to attract and retain employees in the long-term
  • Help you and your business partners diversify and find viable opportunities outside of your business
  • Assemble and introduce you to experts to add value your company
  • Introduce you to experienced experts that can prepare a business for sale or acquisition
  • Identify seasoned experts to help properly advise on real estate investments and holdings
  • Collaborate with qualified experts to organize and evaluate business loan structures

It is important to hire a business consultant based on what they bring to the table. Many consultants are niche and/or industry-specific. Meanwhile, fees for smaller size businesses are generally minimal compared to the resulting benefit and cost savings.


David Podell is the president of Business Benefits Consultants, which has partnerships with specialized resources that deliver great value to companies of all sizes. Their techniques and knowledge produce relatively unknown strategies that many businesses haven’t been exposed to. Their team holds a unique set of skills in working with owners to extract more of a company’s profits in a tax-favored method.


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