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Why A Yacht Is The Ultimate Remote Working Space

With modern technology, working remotely from a yacht is not only feasible but also may improve productivity and well-being. Discover the benefits here.

Photo: Colette Flowerdew Kincaid | Credit: Relevance
Photo: Colette Flowerdew Kincaid | Credit: Relevance

The ability to work remotely has been one of the many consequences of the global pandemic and has seen many people taking advantage of remote working spaces outside of their residential home, with the wealthy heading to a second home or holiday rental, or for the very wealthy, taking to the seas on a luxury yacht.

Thanks to the extraordinary advances in technology and connectivity, what would once have been considered an indulgent fantasy is now completely feasible. So how practical is it to start remote working from a yacht, and what are the benefits?


Connectivity for working remotely from a yacht

Following the introduction of smartphones, the fine line between work time and free time was rapidly becoming blurred, but the global pandemic has shown us all that it really is possible to work from anywhere that has internet access, without a noticeable drop in productivity.

Instead of WFH, or Working From Home, some lucky yacht owners and charter guests are now WFY or Working From Yacht. And why not? With onboard smart technology and modern cellular networks, working from a yacht is a more viable office than ever before.


The office set up when working remotely from a yacht

Consider where you could create your floating office onboard a yacht – even onboard a vessel with no dedicated office space, you could for example set up a workspace on the dining table or in a spare bedroom.

Meanwhile, most superyachts will have an office on board. One stunning example of a yacht with a purposely designed office is the beautiful 88m M/Y Illusion Plus, which sleeps 12 guests in 6 staterooms. Her office comes equipped with useful storage and shelving space, a large desk with a comfortable chair, and sleek decor that encourages the mind to focus. Next to the desk, there is a large window, offering calming views and filling the room with natural light. Her post-work facilities include a dedicated spa, beauty salon, gym, two Jacuzzi pools, and a touch-and-go helipad, ideal for any urgent business meetings.

Photo: Artem, YFS Magazine, Adobe Stock
Photo: Artem, YFS Magazine

To guarantee uninterrupted access to the internet, phone, and television systems while at sea and in the more remote areas of the world, you’ll need a good communications satellite. Luckily, there are many companies who can arrange this for you, with significant advancements made in recent years.

Increasingly, the larger marinas are gearing up for the business community, with conference rooms and comprehensive support centers and facilities, so that should you need a service your yacht cannot provide, you can always head to port.


The benefits of enhanced well-being and increased productivity

Adopting a floating office can take you to the most beautiful of places in the world, with your office walls becoming panoramic vistas of blue oceans and palm-fringed beaches, picturesque Mediterranean villages, or ancient Greek temple ruins.

Research has shown a direct link between motivation, emotional well-being, and productivity levels based on office environments. Remote working from a yacht has the potential, not only to increase your productivity levels, but also to decrease your stress levels, simply due to the health benefits of a life at sea, surrounded by calming ocean views and sounds, and of course the chance to drop anchor and break for lunch at a glorious seafront restaurant.

Imagine washing away a tough conference call by diving into the azure-blue sea, or solving a creative problem as you’re selecting produce at a colorful local market? Life at sea will refresh you in every sense of the word.  Your family will also benefit, and your children especially will gain an invaluable perspective on many of the world’s different countries, cultures, and languages – without a break in their studies.

Working onboard will allow you to make the most of your free time, with every day an adventure, and every weekend the chance to go onshore and make new discoveries.

In today’s busy world, you can’t put a price on freedom like that.


Colette Flowerdew Kincaid’s wealth of experience in the superyacht industry and keen interest in lifestyle, travel and gastronomy make her the perfect fit for Upscale Living Magazine. She has joined recently Relevance’s UK team as Content Editor, having previously worked at Superyacht Technology magazine reporting on a range of luxury technologies.


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