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3 Marketing Mistakes Every Coaching Business Should Avoid

At the end of the day, you need to show exactly what clients can gain from your coaching business. That’s the role of an insightful, dedicated coach.

When you think of yourself as a coach, which ideas emerge in your mind? Perhaps you consider the various services you offer to clients to help them reach their goals. Maybe you think about the number of lives you have changed. You may alternatively base your career on your own experiences and have chosen to start a coaching because it has changed your life for the better.

Julie Zhu NYC-based Marketing Consultant
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Whatever the rationale, it is something that you can market effectively. It is a key message that can focus your marketing. Nonetheless, as coaches, we often make rookie marketing mistakes. Here are three mistakes every new coaching business should avoid.


Mistake #1. You sound like everyone else

It’s no secret the market for coaches and consultants can easily become oversaturated. This is especially true considering the increased adoption of online services fueled by Covid-19. In a world where access to coaching and consultancy services is within the click of a button, we need to know exactly how to tell clients what makes us different.

Understandably, not every client will embrace your coaching style. So there’s no need to market yourself as “all things to all people” in hopes that everyone will be interested in your products and services. Instead, showcase your unique value proposition. In other words, provide as much information as possible about the uniqueness of your coaching business.

Perhaps you offer holistic coaching focused on providing solutions that consider personality traits. Or, you may market yourself as a coach using your own life experience after surmounting a challenging situation as the base for your coaching style. Use this approach to become more visible and to stand out. Figure out what makes you different and put significant emphasis on it.


Mistake #2. You use too much jargon.

Your potential clients are unlikely to be looking for a coach who uses tons of jargon in their biography. Nonetheless, this depends on your audience.

Who would you like to work with? For example, if you are a financial coach, using too many finance-related terms can feel overwhelming and may push away new clients. If you want to market yourself to a client who is simply looking for a coach to bring them insightful ideas and financial propositions, make this clear without excessive industry talk.

Overuse of jargon can make prospective clients fearful of investment, especially as money is already a triggering and emotional topic. Instead, make it about them, their needs, and provide information that is welcoming and calming.


Mistake #3. You spend too much time on social media.

Yes, using social media is key to increased audience reach, credibility, and ultimately, more clients. However, you need time to build a strong social media following. It will not be done overnight. Instead, give it time and engage on social media instead of spending unproductive time that isn’t connected to specific business outcomes.

Use your time on social media to productive ends – create, engage, and engage some more. Keep experimenting, create fun and interactive content, and make sure your clients feel like they are gaining value from the content they are seeing.


At the end of the day, you need to show exactly what clients can gain from your coaching business. That’s the role of an insightful, dedicated coach. People want to know what they will learn if they work with you, and they want to ensure their investment will bring significant returns. Don’t be shy, illustrate it clearly!


Julie Zhu is an NYC-based marketing consultant. She helps female founders make their businesses un-ignorable so they can become well-known experts and attract their dream clients without spending a fortune. Check out her FREE guide to create your marketing roadmap in 30 minutes here


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