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Tampon Tribe Co-Founder Says ‘Taking A Worldview’ Is Key To Success

As the head of a female-led company dedicated to providing high-quality menstrual hygiene products, Jennifer Eden knows what it takes to make magic happen.

Many of us use items that have the potential to damage the earth and our bodies. These items are predominantly what are sold in stores and made available for us, making the choice of introducing unsafe and non-organic elements into our life so easy.

It wasn’t until recent years that more and more organic, safe, and earth-friendly options for all different product categories have been entering the marketing. More options are great for all of us. It gives us the opportunity to better protect ourselves and the world.

This is exactly what Jennifer Eden had in mind when she co-founded Tampon Tribe, an organic, plastic-free, period company. Inspired by her passion to protect the earth and women’s bodies, she carries a deep sentiment for her homeland in Australia and its environment no matter where she is in the world.

Tampon Tribe Co-Founder Seeks To Improve the Environment and Empower Women
Photo: Jennifer Eden, Co-founder of Tampon Tribe | Source: Courtesy Photo

Now in Santa Monica, California, Eden continues to stretch far beyond and incorporate such care in new areas of the world alongside her trusted business partner. “Growing up in Australia and my business partner, Gabby, growing up in Brazil, we’ve always been passionate about our beaches, oceans, environment, and climate. It’s imprinted within us. We were also fortunate enough to find ourselves in Los Angeles at a point in our careers where we could implement our true passions for the planet, health, and create Tampon Tribe as the company it is today.”

As the head of a female-led company dedicated to providing high-quality menstrual hygiene products, Eden knows that it takes a power team to make the magic happen.

“Coming from Australia, a richly diverse country in topography, geography, and people, I have an inner feeling of all things diverse at my core. When we’re putting together teams and strategies, I believe diversity should be an automatic consideration without any thought. We are inclusive in our products, team, and messaging and continue to be in all aspects of Tampon Tribe,” she shares. This mindset is a testament to the growing brand that understands the value of different perspective, cultures, and ideas, to bring the best and safest products to market.

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With the powerful dynamic Eden has with her co-founder Gaby Alves, and a strong team to back up their vision, Tampon Tribe is on a mission to make a difference. Eden is a leader who truly puts people before profits and takes a unique perspective in running her brand. “I take a worldview to everything I do. In terms of managing the company, the pertinent issues for me are the climate, our planet, sustainability, and equality. Those core pillars come into play with every decision I make regarding how we can improve those things all the time,” she shares.

That passion resonates through all of Tampon Tribe. “I believe a team directly reflects the core values of a company. For us, that is diversity, inclusion, equality, and sustainability. When I’m putting together a team, I look for people who exemplify all of those things,” she shares. And it goes beyond just who these team members are at work. “I like to find out what makes people tick, what they do in their spare time, where they’ve traveled, what languages they speak, and what they’re passionate about. Those things are very important to me. We have an international team behind Tampon Tribe and it’s something we’re very proud of.”

Continuing to make a splash in the period space with innovative and sustainable products of the highest quality, Eden also takes pride in the work Tampon Tribe does to end period poverty. “We work with a charity named Project Code Red. With the charity, we provide period products for youth who would typically miss school when they get their period. To us, that’s very troubling. We hear about this in other nations, but the problem is right here in America. We donate to different groups, to people individually, and to different organizations that distribute period products to underserved people. We are very proud to be a part of this,” she shares.

Innovation and dedication are what makes Tampon Tribe stand out from other similar brands. Their commitment towards never using plastic, their passion for creating new periods such as their recently launched ashers period panties, and their dedication towards their internal mission and their nonprofit partners makes this organic brand truly one of a kind.


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