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Comprehensive MD Co-Founder Dr. David Greenwald Talks Patient-Focused Care

Patient-focused care is a significant element of healthcare for individuals who seek a quality customer journey as they set out to treat their ailments.

Patient-focused care is a significant element of healthcare for individuals who seek a quality customer journey as they set out to treat their ailments. According to Silverline, 82% of patients say quality customer service is the most important factor they consider when choosing care.

Delivering this patient-focused experience is important for patients all over the world who seek not just to survive, but to thrive in life. That is the exact focus of Comprehensive MD’s Co-founder and Neurosurgeon, Dr. David Greenwald, who prioritizes a focus on the patient, good medicine and positive surgical outcomes for his patients above all other aspects.

With over 20 years of experience and thousands of surgeries performed, Greenwald values the qualities and characteristics that focus on the success of patients with neurological conditions. “The most important is being a hard worker and putting patient care first, as well as making sure you’re a good doctor to deliver such care,” he shares. These efforts are necessary for all thorough services such as interventional pain procedures and surgical treatment operations of the brain, spine, peripheral nerves, shoulder, knee, and hip. Using the latest technology to deliver these services, Greenwald understands the need to honor patient-focused care to create the greatest impact.

Alongside orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nestor Javech, Greenwald leads Comprehensive MD, a multi-specialty medical practice, with two locations in South Florida. Launching the practice in March of 2020, Greenwald manages his daily work with a patient-first mentality and uses innovative methods to help others with various medical concerns. “I am very interested in biotechnology, biomaterials, and biomechanics. As such, I work with biomedical engineers to improve the implants used to stabilize the spine,” he shares. This technology used by Greenwald details the many services of spine surgery that are evolving not to just save patients, but to improve their quality of life.

After attending medical school at the University of Southern California, Greenwald completed Neurosurgical Residency and trained at the distinguished Shands Hospital at the University of Florida. From 1998 to now, he has been practicing in Florida and Southern California to help patients regain motor skills and overcome sleep disorders, migraines, neck pain, numbness in the body, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and strokes. Among everyone he has serviced over the years, Greenwald continues to care for patients individually with a prominent level of care. This includes placing their needs first and going beyond to ensure they live a life free of pain.

Dr. Greenwald’s dedication to surgical expertise and attentiveness is especially seen through his most unique cases that required a great deal of attention. “I once had a patient in his thirties who was having severe symptoms and being seen by several other clinicians. It became clear to me that he likely had a brain tumor in the pituitary region, given the hormonal imbalances that he had. He turned out to have a large tumor called a craniopharyngioma. I was able to successfully remove the tumor and return him to normal life,” he shared. It is stories like these that drive the passion for Dr. Greenwald to continue providing life-changing, patient-focused care.

As he continues to deliver complete services in neurosurgery, Greenwald looks to remain a steady and reliable professional in his field while improving individual health outcomes with life-changing results.


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