How to Make an Impact and Grow Wealthier Through Coaching

Many entrepreneurs struggle to realize their business goals. Why is that? What's causing this failure to follow through? Let's dig in and find out.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to realize their business goals. Why is that? What’s causing this failure to follow through? Let’s dig in and find out.

Do you really want to make an impact in your business and become wealthy? It should be what every female entrepreneur wants, right.


Why So Many Entrepreneurs Fall Flat

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My name is Sofia Adamova, and I’m a business coach for women. For the past couple of days, I’ve had this heavy feeling in my heart. I love my industry; it excites me as much today as when I began my career at ground zero.

So, why the despair?

I see growing evidence that most new female entrepreneurs are not prepared to make an impact; they’re only watching. Of those who act, 90% of start-ups fail in their first year, and I know why it’s happening.


Entrepreneurs and Short-term Motivation

A few days ago, a respected life coach hosted a successful masterclass about how she made her fortunes. Hundreds of women signed up for the free event, hungry to know the secrets behind her success. There was a definite buzz, yet the number of people who followed up after was in single digits.

By following up, I don’t just mean buying products. I’m talking about real action, the doing part of the plan. According to researchers, only 8% of people follow through with a goal, and my next point illustrates this.


The Facebook Live Challenge: Lessons Learned

I recently set up a Facebook live challenge. More than 50 courageous women signed up, yet only four (8%) attended on day one, a typical response. Everyone wants success, yet most fail to put in the work when it’s time to act. Is it because they’re not serious about their business or just overwhelmed?

Let’s see.

  • Prioritization – I know that the hectic pace of life can sometimes get in the way. But unless we make something an absolute priority, nothing can ever change.
  • Feminine and Masculine Energy – The business industry talks a lot about feminine and masculine energies, which can be confusing. It’s especially true if you are new and have shiny object syndrome. And that’s fine; we’ve all been there. You’re told that too much action causes burnout. Some think it’s wounded masculine energy in play that needs to be addressed and healed immediately. However, there’s a thin line between doing too much and taking lots of actions just for the sake of being busy.
  • Be Honest with Yourself – Are you completely honest with yourself and realistic about your goals? Are you here in the coaching space, hoping to make some quick cash (you might get lucky). Or perhaps you want to leave a legacy, impact people’s lives, and even change the world? Others have done it, so why not you?


Learn from Other Coaches and Mentors

Yesterday I got emotional listening to a podcast by the money mindset mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas. Denise talked honestly about her first year in business and how hard it was. She explains what got her through those early challenges. Her biggest strengths were total commitment and belief in herself.

On her journey, others judged Denise for being too young and inexperienced. Some said she wouldn’t make money because she didn’t understand what she was doing. But did she let the naysayers drag her down? No, she didn’t. Instead, she stayed focused, committed, and believed in herself 100%.

Denise DT said the world is a better place now that more women entrepreneurs are in it. And she’s right, too.


Inspiration without Action is a Pipe Dream

A captive audience gets high on the energetic presentations of a successful coach. But when it’s all over, most will shake it off like a party hangover. This failure to follow through is not unique to free challenges and masterclasses. It happens with expensive paid containers, too.

Others are more energized and embrace the agreed challenges. They do the homework and write down their commitments in slack channels. But in every case, the number of committed people declines hugely in that first month.


The Power of Group Support

Why are there so many lost missions? Well, most people forget why they wanted success and the commitments they made at the start. Sometimes, life itself gets in the way, changing priorities that justify excuses. To succeed, you must get intentional and be aware of what you’re doing and why.

It’s much easier to follow through with the full support of a Mastermind group.


Identify the Problems

Signing up for clickbaity masterclasses and engaging in popular discussions is easy. You may join tens of challenges and download tons of freebies. But once the computer shuts down, you forget the host’s name. Many won’t even remember where they saved a thing or what it was. Perhaps you can relate?


Apply the Solution

The solution is to follow through on the teachings of the group. You will learn to reset your intentions and develop new ways of thinking. Before long, something called the reticular activating system (RAS) takes over.

This complex network of neurons in the brain stem learns to filter out the old stinking thinking. But you’ve got to train it first! Your aim is to anchor the healthy habits that keep you on course and focused. Over time, knowing what’s best for you becomes hardwired inside your brain. You no longer disperse valuable energy with unwanted, unhelpful thoughts. But most critical of all is that you get to keep your eyes on the prize.


The Outcome

Resetting my RAS brought out qualities in me I never knew were there. Stamina, relentless drive, strength, and not giving up—no matter what—became natural traits. I have patience, persistence, and a calm that keeps me focused.

Today, I firmly believe that I deserve all the success in this world.

And this could be your future, too.


Sofia Adamova is a highly sought-after energetics coach and business mentor who specializes in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs build successful energetically aligned online business. She is the creator of Total Energetics Reboot™️- her unique Method to elevate your energetic state through your BODY- you most magical tool, so you can tap into quantum energy, the Source and emerge after 10 days as a different person: recharged, expansive, powerful, full of creative ideas and raring for action.


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