Tealux Café Founder Tina Dang Fosters Togetherness

Tealux founder Tina Dang's vision comes to life as she transforms the nationwide franchise into more than just a café to celebrate tea, coffee, and community.

The door swings open and the first customers of the day come in. A group of students, textbooks in hand, find a cozy corner, creating an impromptu study haven. The barista greets the regulars with a warm welcoming smile. The hum of conversation mixes with the buzz of the espresso machine, starting another vibrant day at Tealux, a fast-casual café serving boba tea, Banh Mi, smoothies, Vietnamese coffee, snack foods, and ToFu desserts.

As the sun casts its warm glow on customers, Tealux founder Tina Dang’s vision comes to life, transforming the expanding franchise into more than just a café. Tina wanted to build a community hub where people could connect, share stories, and find a sense of belonging. Today, families, young and old, find a welcoming space for weekend brunch, turning the café into a lively gathering of laughter and shared stories.


Tina Dang’s philosophy on nurturing community

At the core of this vibrant café scene is Tina. Her commitment to creating a space where everyone feels welcomed sets the tone for the warm culture. Integrity, passion, and a dedication to excellence are the pillars that position Tealux as a community hub. “We build this collective home not for our personal benefits but for each other, for the place where we love to work,” Tina says.

Tealux Café is designed with a modern hospitable ambiance, comfortable seating, varied table sizes, and cozy corners. Moreover, Tina emphasizes that staff are trained to enhance the experience by being welcoming, approachable, and on the ball. Tina’s commitment to community engagement aims to transform Tealux into more than a café … into a community where relationships are forged, and memories are made. Tina’s goal to connect souls and sow happiness reflects her belief in the power of shared experiences and bonds.

Tina’s childhood instilled in her the importance of relationships. Growing up in an environment where the value of genuine connections was emphasized, she witnessed how these bonds were integral not only to family life but also to the success of her family’s business ventures.


Tealux connects community voices

On social media, Tealux has become a favorite spot. Customers declare it their new go-to boba destination. Instagram reviews reflect the joy of discovering a community living room where patrons can unwind, connect, and savor the finest teas. Samantha Sward, a regular, praises Tealux for its inviting atmosphere and savory offerings in an Instagram post: “Tealux again for lunch today their fruit tea is to die for. Today I tried their Grilled Chicken / Banh Mi Ga Nuong (spicy) it is amazing. I love this place so much.”

Meanwhile, Hannah, a first-time boba tea enthusiast, shared her delightful surprise by posting, “I tried my very first boba tea the other day at Tealux Café Missouri. It was so good! I really wasn’t sure at first if I was going to like it but OMG! I see what the hype is all about now. I already can’t wait to go back and try another flavor.”


Connect souls, sow happiness

Despite challenges and competition, Tealux Café emerged as a response to the need for quality beverages and community. Tina and the Tealux family remind us that a simple cup of tea or coffee can bring people together.


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