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Five Ways To Develop A Growth Mindset For Success

A growth mindset is key to unlocking your hidden potential. A mindset dedicated to improving, expanding and honing your gifts and talents.

Perhaps you want to make more money, be happier and live the life you deserve? If so, what’s stopping you? The truth is your mindset may be working against you and holding you back. So, here’s a look at five things you can start doing today to develop a growth mindset for success.


1. Set goals that are motivating and inspiring

Write down your goals. You would be surprised how many people skip this crucial step in realizing their dreams. Without knowing their goals, many end up feeling like a ship lost at sea without a clear direction to follow.

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Make a list of your dreams and goals. Include self-care, financial, spiritual, relationships, hobbies, and anything else you want to do with your spare time. Once you have your list, visualize and write down how it feels when you get there and how your life will change once you achieve your goals. Write in the present tense and use all of your senses.


2. Make a plan to achieve your goals

Now that you have your goals written down, it’s time to write out a plan to achieve them. Create tangible one-year benchmarks which will put you on track for your ideal life. Think about skills you may need to master, knowledge or expertise you need to invest in, and priorities you need to focus on. Take your long-term goals and break them down into small steps that you can achieve over time. Then do one thing each day that will bring you closer to reaching your goals. Review your goals daily and see how close you are to your target.


3. Practice daily self-love and gratitude

Self-love and gratitude are essential for your emotional well-being. Loving yourself will help you be more confident and feel happier. Feed your body, mind, and soul with good things that will help you grow into the person you want to be. Take a few minutes each morning to focus on gratitude and joy. This practice will create space in your mind and help you feel more connected to yourself and others around you.

Next, practice positive self-talk. Listen to your inner dialogue and what you say to people. Notice when you tear yourself down after making a mistake or when you dismiss yourself or your accomplishments. Negative self-talk limits your ability to reach your full potential because it diminishes your ability to believe in yourself and what you can accomplish. Tell yourself you’re doing a good job, even if it’s not perfect. Practice being kinder to yourself by giving yourself compliments and telling yourself how much you love who you are.

Finally, take care of your mind and body by working out, eating healthy food, and getting enough sleep. These are foundational basics to living a healthy life, feeling great about yourself, and having energy, focus, and more joy to give to others. Commit yourself to moving your body every day, eating healthier foods, and getting to sleep earlier. Take one small step each day toward healthier self-care habits.


4. Surround yourself with supportive people

The five people you spend the most time with are who you become. Spend time with people who support you or who have similar dreams and passions as you and get rid of or minimize your exposure to the toxic people in your life. Get rid of the negative people who tear you down and tell you that you’re not good enough, that you’re reaching too high, or that your dreams are impossible.


5. Take daily steps to build your confidence and self-worth

Remind yourself daily of your greatness –– how lucky, intelligent and resourceful you are. Avoid “compare and despair.” Please do not fall into the trap of comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle. All that matters is that you continue to grow as a person, learn from your mistakes, and take consistent action.

Start now, even if you don’t have everything figured out yet! Practice makes progress. Don’t wait until you have more certifications, money, or success. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things daily to boost your confidence and avoid hitting a plateau in life.


Be patient with yourself. Success takes time and commitment. Developing a mindset for success isn’t always easy. Begin by taking small, consistent steps in the right direction. So, what are you waiting for? Start living your best life now.


Laurel Schumaker is a writer and life coach for women online business owners. She uses a mix of modalities and neuroscience techniques to help her clients overcome self-sabotage so they can live life to the fullest and go after their dream personal and professional goals with confidence and consistency. Download Laurel’s Success Mindset Worksheet to learn how to develop your self-confidence and banish imposter syndrome while taking tangible steps towards accomplishing your goals.


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