For Lev Jewelers Founder Adi Vaknin Technology Keeps Tradition Alive

For Lev Jewelers Founder Adi Vaknin Technology Keeps Tradition Alive 

Adi Vaknin, owner of Lev Jewelers, takes pride in with her high-end jewelry and watch retail store which is rooted in family traditions.

There is virtually no industry left untouched by technology. It has made us faster, more precise, and efficient. Yet, with all of those benefits there is still a lot to be said about tradition passed down from generations. A good business understands this, but a great business will strike the perfect balance between technology and tradition to create something magical.

That is exactly what Adi Vaknin, owner of Lev Jewelers, takes pride in with her high-end jewelry and watch retail store which is rooted in family traditions. Inspired by the fashion and style of Miami, Adi uses current trends and technology to craft unique pieces that not only pay tribute to the vibrant city but also to her family who introduced her to the industry.

“The inspiration came from the unity that made me want to work with them. You also get to learn and get your inspiration for who you are and who you’ll become. By working with my family, I learned about business sense, the different ways to design, and how to create a piece of jewelry from scratch,” she shares.

Adi makes it a point to incorporate these teachings in her business every day while standing out on her own. “I love to create and bring ideas into reality, whether it’s personal or professional. Today, I stand out with my store and have more of a modern outlook on the designs I make.”


The intersection of relationships, technology and tradition

Adi and her team do their best to develop relationships beyond transactional encounters. “Every client becomes family. This has always been a tradition in our business. Since I started and even with my family, we get to know our clients. We always create some sort of friendship, and they support us through the birthdays of our children. Many of my clients have also become very good friends and we go to each other’s parties and things for our kids or ourselves. Today, social media is the easiest outlet, and we get to congratulate each other on new happenings in our lives,” she shares. This wonderful opportunity is never lost on Adi, who values the impact of a positive customer experience.

While she dedicates time to delivering experiences, Adi understands the importance of a first-hand encounter that is influenced by family connections and supports company values.

“I once flew to Israel to surprise my mother on her birthday and met with this client. During our meeting, he asked if I was married to which I said yes, for three years. He also asked if my husband and I had children and I said no, but we want to. He passed along the name of a doctor who did miracles for him and his wife. I went to meet the doctor who asked about my plans to come back to Israel. I told him I would be back in a few months for the Jewish holidays. He then told me to give myself two months when coming for the trip. I replied okay, came to Israel, and flew back pregnant. My son’s name is Lev and the name of the store is Lev Jewelers,” she shares. This highlights the bonding effect of jewelry that ties its pieces to individuals’ generation after generation.

To make this possible, Adi incorporates technology into her work when designing and selling the most desirable items. “We sell our products online, using e-commerce and social media marketing. We also work on products via technology. We use a CAD machine that makes virtual models for products before casting into wax and then gold. We also use CAD designs that begin from regular sketches when working with other companies. If customers want something from scratch or see something they like, we make a CAD model for them to give a visual aspect of what their product would look like before they give the okay to make it.”

In addition to innovative technology, Adi uses the style of a customer to help them outwardly express who they are on the inside. “I look at a client’s style, the way they dress, and their outlook on life. Some people have more of a conservative mindset where even if the budget allows, they like to keep their jewelry minimal. On the other hand, some people like the glitz and glam but have a smaller budget. I work according to how a person feels about jewelry and look to see what jewelry they already have so that I can complement their style,” she shares. These efforts demonstrate the dedication to bringing client ideas to life while catering to make them the happiest from the inside out.


What’s next for Adi Vaknin?

Adi looks to expand her services and footprint, stating, “My goals for the future are to open another store and to have a bigger online presence so our jewelry is more accessible. This includes creating and designing pieces for people who don’t live in South Florida, whether it is through FaceTime or video calls. We will give them the same attention as we do for local clients with my team and I always being available.” By reaching more people, Adi aims to welcome more clients into the Lev Jewelers family and showcase the magic that can happen with the right piece of jewelry.


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