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How Automation Software Fuels NEMT Business Performance

The NEMT industry is a crucial part of healthcare. There will always be a market for people who need to request transportation for medical appointments.

Digitization has rewritten the rules of competition, with incumbent companies most at risk of being left behind. The digital age calls for comprehensive software for businesses across various industries to compete. It is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity.

According to the latest data, in 2020 more than 17% of Americans were active users of Medicaid services. It was projected that by 2020 there would be approximately 76.7 million Medicaid enrollees. By 2027 that number is expected to increase to 82 million individuals covered.

Many of these individuals will need medical transportation services. As a result, the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) industry will experience increased demand.

NEMT providers will need to prepare for market size increases, unfolding trends, and disruptions. Digital capabilities and the adoption of the right software increasingly will determine which NEMT companies create or lose value.


What keeps a NEMT company going?

The NEMT industry is a crucial part of healthcare. There will always be a market for people who need to request transportation for medical appointments. Customers, drivers, and a fleet are the driving force of a NEMT business.

NEMT providers are generally comprised of a system or person responsible for scheduling trips, billing, dispatching, fleet maintenance, and customer service. All of these processes can be handled manually by human operators, however, the chance for human error increases. As an alternative, automated software can help ease the burden of scheduling, routing, dispatching, and billing.


The evolution of NEMT software

NEMT software is a modern platform that automates all non-emergency medical transportation processes. Initially, programs to complete separate tasks were created. Online calendars would help with scheduling, while routing was soon introduced with the help of GPS maps. However, billing issues were still pressing. The laborious paperwork required for every trip was burdensome.

All of this changed when integrated programs became available in-market. They managed to combine all vital processes in one system which allowed for rapid scheduling, effective routing, and effortless billing and reporting. Meanwhile, NEMT software stands out in terms of its affordability, ensuring small businesses can leverage tools that were once exclusive to large enterprises.


The benefits of NEMT Software

Improving NEMT business performance through the integration of software comes down to creating the right environment to sustain innovation and removing points of friction.

Software investments in lieu of hiring more staff is often a valid strategic business decision. It does not mean the process is fully automated. However, it does enable businesses to rise above the details and allocate time for more strategic business priorities. Routine tasks are handled flawlessly with the help of proper NEMT software.

Here’s a look at three basic NEMT processes that can be accomplished quickly and smoothly with the right software.



One-click scheduling guarantees that every customer receives an available driver. It also means that the driver is satisfied with the route and the order he got. It is all about keeping all parties happy. Besides, it decreases the number of phone calls, so it lightens up the customer support work.


Dispatching becomes almost automatic. Real-time communication with drivers means that there is a chance to modify trips and complete last-minute orders. The right vehicle will be found within seconds.


The billing procedure includes sending a bill to a customer, receiving a payment, receipt, and arranging paperwork for tax services. Considering that a company might have from a dozen to thousands of trips daily, one can drown in paperwork. With that in mind, NEMT billing software provides storage for all the invoices and receipts and makes the reporting system convenient to use.


Why NEMT providers should automate medical transportation processes

Technology empowers businesses of all sizes to scale up. NEMT companies that pursue automation software do so for long-term cost savings, to keep pace with competitors, or to address concerns about the effectiveness of their business processes.

Like other transportation companies, a NEMT provider’s success is based on the fleet, drivers, operators, and creativity. All parties are vital, however, the use of software has become an important tool to empower every area of business.

Incorporating automation software into a business is simple and quick. It does not require extensive training since the system is well-adjusted to the needs of dispatchers and accountants. Despite the additional investment, the advantages are clear. Not only can automation software reduce costs, but it has the potential to double or triple revenue.

Regardless of the existing resources or employee qualifications, the right software can take NEMT providers to a new level.


Yurii Martynov is a Marketing Director at ISI Technology, a health tech software company. He is a marketing expert with extensive experience in digital marketing channels. In the past years, Yurii has worked primarily with healthcare-related industries (i.e., medical transportation, medical billing, and homecare companies).


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