Nail Polish Trends For Female Entrepreneurs

One of the quickest ways to look groomed and put together is with freshly-painted nails. These nail polish trends are having a major moment.

If you’re thinking about attending a client meeting with unmanicured nails – don’t! One of the quickest ways to look groomed and put together is with freshly-painted nails. Nail polish is timeless. You can work from home by day and enjoy an evening out on the town and there’ll be a shade (or twenty) out there with your name on it.

Need a new season nail polish? Rich, sophisticated, colorful – manis are bold and designed to make a statement. From glossy green to suits-all neutral tones, don’t hesitate to experiment with color, shape, and finishes.

Here are some of the hottest nail trends of 2022.


Au naturale for the classic businesswoman

Nude is a staple, but this year we are leaning toward natural shades such as greens, blues, and oranges. If it can be found in nature, it’s fair game. Green nail polish is a refreshing color that will brighten up any outfit and give you a touch of classiness. Blue nail polish is a little more playful and dreamy, whereas orange hues can be daring and vibrant.

Regardless of what shades you choose, they all say elegance in a way that hot reds and black nails rarely can. Falling into an uninspired polish-only routine is far too simple. It’s time to get back out into nature and consider nail colors inspired by nature, botanicals, and natural elements.

Natural colors are making a comeback in a big way this year.


French manicures don’t have to be boring

When we think about French manicures, it’s always crisp and pristine, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, French manicures are getting an embellishment makeover this year. You can jazz up white tips with a different color entirely and add minimalist designs on alternating fingernails. But don’t go overboard. You want your embellishments to complement the French manicures, not overpower them.

Try a combo of two colors maximum, and that’s not including the nude base. Our current favorites are black tips with gold embellishments, but you can also have some fun with natural shades such as green and orange. It might sound overly festive, but it can work with the right, muted shade. Two-toned French tips are also a fun style that you can wear, but make sure that your colors contrast or at the very least, complement each other.


From naturescapes to ‘nailscapes’

We saw a boom in galaxy-inspired nails prior to the pandemic, but now, we’re all about sun, sea, and surf. Talented nail artists have recreated waves on nails and they look absolutely stunning. Aside from the ocean, you can also take inspiration from nature or the sky – aurora nails have gone up 500% in searches on Pinterest in the last year alone.


A well-manicured year to look forward to

Remember when bubblegum nails and elaborate nail art were all the rage? Now it’s all about simplicity and neutral tones. Yet, ultimately nail art can be an outlet for self-expression and you don’t have to be held back by beauty trends and rules. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find a nail color, shape, and design that screams you.


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