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How Can Entrepreneurs Balance Their Masculine and Feminine Energies?

Finding a balance between your masculine and feminine traits will help you go distances you once thought were impossible.

According to the late Geert Hofstede, a Dutch social psychologist, well-known for his pioneering research on cross-cultural groups and organizations and Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory (a framework for cross-cultural communication), masculinity is seen to be the trait that emphasizes ambition, acquisition of wealth, and differentiated gender roles. Femininity is seen to be the trait that stresses caring and nurturing behaviors, sexuality equality, environmental awareness, and more fluid gender roles.

The terms masculinity and femininity refer to traits or characteristics typically associated with being male or female, respectively. Traditionally, both terms have been conceptualized as opposite ends of a single dimension, with masculinity at one extreme and femininity at the other. Contemporary definitions propose masculine and feminine traits are separate dimensions, allowing for the possibility that individuals may simultaneously possess both masculine and feminine attributes.

Everyone has masculine and feminine energy, and you can tap into both. For example, some people have a go-getter mindset (i.e., masculine energy) while others express their emotions with ease (i.e., feminine energy). Understanding yourself well enough to know your dominant energy can change your life and the way you do business.


Why are masculine energy traits dominant in business?

Most people rely on their masculine energy when it comes to their career paths. There’s a logical reason for this. The masculine energy tends to be stable and predictable. It allows you to make decisions and create structure. It also lets you use your mind effectively to your advantage. Using pure masculine energy grants clarity which enables you to focus on business achievements.

Photo: Em Ducharme, Business Strategist | Courtesy Photo
Photo: Em Ducharme, Business Strategist | Courtesy Photo

Your masculine energy is the master of planning and guidelines, but it’s also protective. If you feel unsafe in any way, tapping into masculine energy will protect you. In business, it will help remain stable even amid threats of instability.

Tapping into masculine energy also allows you to be brutally honest and say what you think regardless of what others think. It allows you to be straightforward with your team – no sugar coating and confusing flowery words. It lends itself to being direct and ensuring the job is done since instructions are as clear as day. However, there are drawbacks.

Masculine energy can easily lead to arguments or hurt people’s feelings. It can also make your team feel that you are just a boss – not an empathetic leader. Masculine energy tends to move in straight lines. This is great for building the foundation of a business, but inflexibility can slow business growth significantly.


The power of feminine energy in business

A person that exhibits masculine energy traits can be viewed as cold, and logical, but protective – traits that are commonly sought after in business. It’s a societal norm.

So why would anyone want to embrace more feminine traits – especially in business? First, there is such a thing as “too much” masculine energy.

Photo: Shotprime Studio, YFS Magazine, Adobe Stock
Photo: Shotprime Studio, YFS Magazine

Masculine energy may be organized and structured, but it lacks flexibility. In contrast, feminine energy taps into the essence of nurturing traits to help connect with others in meaningful ways. As you look to build a positive and healthy company culture, this becomes paramount.

Feminine energy uses the heart and moves with compassion. It lets you listen to your intuition and encourages creativity – it’s fluid and free.

It helps you:

  • see things from a different perspective
  • be innovative
  • feel the guidance from your heart clearer than ever
  • face your inner fears
  • see opportunities that are not visible to your masculine energy
  • create opportunities that defy logic.
  • express your emotions, and not suppress them
  • connect with your team better
  • understand clients on a whole different level

The core of feminine energy is the gift of creation. Tapping into your feminine energy for business allows you to attract abundance without simply going through the motion.


How to balance masculine and feminine energies

In the business world, masculine energy has long been revered as the ideal trait or characteristic. However, feminine energy can improve collaboration and creativity – and so much more.

Masculine energy is having the information in mind, while feminine energy is knowing it by heart. It is being cognizant of the information and defining it with exacting precision and design while knowing it by heart which allows you to accept changes and adapt quickly. The perfect marriage of the mind and heart opens new possibilities while also building a solid foundation for your business.

Finding the balance between your masculine energy and feminine energy inspires you to grow more and reach further without the fear of crumbling amid chaos. The balance empowers you to create a reliable groundwork for your business that will not falter, no matter how adventurous your ideas might be.


Lead in a way that feels right for you

Ultimately, lead in a way that feels right for you. Trust you will know which traits and characteristics to tap into when the time comes. Finding a balance between your masculine and your feminine traits will help you go distances you once thought were impossible.


Em Ducharme is a business strategist for influencers and experts looking to monetize and scale their audience through digital marketing and passive income. Her work has been featured in major media outlets such as Forbes and Entrepreneur. As a former corporate sales consultant for Fortune 500 companies, Em helped grow and scale businesses for the last ten years in various sectors. She’s raised millions of dollars in investor funds for the companies she worked for and personally was able to scale her own companies past multi 6-7 figure mark in a record-breaking time. Learn more at emducharme.com.


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