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Brazilian Company, Technik Engineering Corp Is Poised For U.S. Growth

Technik Engineering Corp, a Brazilian engineering consultancy, identifies U.S. market opportunities for growth and global collaboration.

Recognizing the growing necessity for American and Brazilian companies to work effectively in international collaborative activities, Technik Engineering Corp, a Brazilian engineering consultancy, has decided to focus a major part of its effort on identifying U.S. market opportunities.

Technik Engineering Corp is attentive to trends in the global industrial market, specifically opportunities in the American industrial sector, which is diversified and constantly evolving.

Photo: João Matos, Commercial Director and co-founder of São Paulo-based Technik Brazil | Courtesy Photo
Photo: João Matos, Commercial Director and co-founder of São Paulo-based Technik Brazil | Courtesy Photo

In February 2023, engineers Fernando Lescovar Neto, CEO and Founder, and João Matos Júnior, Commercial Director of Technik Corp conducted a series of visits and meetings to the U.S. with the aim to develop partnerships and explore existing opportunities to provide engineering services.

Following meetings with U.S. industry professionals and managers Lescovar and Matos realized that American industries are experiencing significant growth and require constant support.


Local market insight is key to global collaboration

The technology industry, specifically in software development, cyber security, and artificial intelligence, is one of them. In addition, e-commerce is massive in the U.S., which has created opportunities for companies in different sectors, from retail to logistics.

Another growing industry is health care. According to the Urban Institute, “The nation is aging. By 2040, about one in five Americans will be age 65 or older, up from about one in eight in 2000.” This demographic transformation caused by a rapidly aging population is new for the United States and will spur a rising demand for healthcare services – further driving this sector.

Meanwhile, the need for new professionals is also a growing trend in the U.S., as the younger population seeks out careers in law and, IT. Still, the market has demanded other types of professionals, such as engineers.

Lastly, with growing concerns about climate change, the renewable energy industry, including solar and wind energy, is gaining momentum and in light of this ever-changing landscape, it is critical to stay informed of current events and industry trends, personally visiting the U.S., reading news articles and industry reports, as well as following industry leaders on social media and attending conferences and events.


Global solutions and U.S. market opportunities

Technik Engineering Corp provides full-service engineering and construction management solutions and is prepared to meet the demand of American industries as they evolve, with a team of specialists in industrial processes, basic and detailed engineering, and diligence with industrial equipment suppliers.

The engineering consultancy, a long-standing leader in Brazil, has now set its sight on U.S. market opportunities that align with their customized solutions for each client while remaining up-to-date with market trends and innovations.

The sheer range and depth of experience offered by Technik Engineering Corp is an attractive proposition for U.S. companies that are more likely to rely on non-U.S. engineers and other professionals.

Furthermore, Technik Engineering Corp’s design team of engineers and technicians is comprised of diversified experiences, equipping the company to offer complete multidisciplinary engineering design solutions for various industrial sectors, including agrochemicals, food and beverage, oil and gas refineries, chemicals, minerals, and metallurgical, and pulp and paper.

Given the explosive growth in recent years of foreign direct investment and international business alliances involving technology and engineering cooperation, the development of products and manufacturing processes increasingly requires cooperation among technical personnel based in two or more countries.

The demand for highly qualified and experienced professionals will continue to represent market opportunities for global partners. To that end, Technik Engineering Corp remains committed to offering quality services and innovation, standing out as a leader in the Brazilian and international industrial sectors, and offering complete and customized solutions to help industries face the challenges of the 21st century.


João Matos is the Commercial Director and co-founder of São Paulo-based Technik Brazil, a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy that offers design solutions for diverse industrial sectors. Grupo Technik Engenharia boasts 18 years of experience in engineering across agrochemicals, food and beverages, oil & gas refineries, chemicals, minerals, and metallurgical and pulp & paper. 


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