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Inspiring Women In Tech: Meet Influencer And Engineer, Jadejha Edwards

Brilliant engineers, leaders, and entrepreneurs are shaping the future. Follow along as we highlight some of the most inspiring women working in the technology industry.

There are many brilliant women changing the tech and influencer landscape, and Jadejha Edwards is one of them.

Jadejha’s passion, self-belief, resilience, and charming personality have proved to be a game-changer. Her journey from a homeless teen to a luxury influencer is awe-inspiring. Today, the influencer, content creator, and security engineer is also a public speaker who advocates for the rights of others, especially women. As someone proud of her life choices, Jadejha has now glided into the shoes of a storyteller who knows she can inspire people.

People are wired to respond emotionally to change; therefore, inspiring stories of resilience can help coherently communicate the narrative for change. Leaders who deliver these compelling stories make them catchy, impactful, authentic, and straightforward. Jadejha is among the iconic young women whose story is bound to move hearts.

While Jadejha has a story to tell, she has always been enthusiastic about the fundamental human rights of people around the globe. Her professional and personal journey exemplifies how empowered individuals can fulfill their dreams.

Jadejha has been quite fortunate in this context. She stepped into corporate America at the age of 18 and managed to climb the corporate ladder before the age of 25. Leading company-wide initiatives and scholarships, she has visited many schools to speak to kids about growing up and breaking into tech as a young black woman. Moreover, she is the top choice of many CISOs, CTOs, and managers to be involved in mentorship programs within the tech field.

With a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida, Jadejha landed her first job as an Incident Response Analyst and was later promoted to the SIEM engineer position. Now, she is working as a security engineer and has been thriving in the tech sphere. Her breakout into the competitive world of security and tech has given her valuable insights. With more than five years of experience under her belt, she is now motivating and advising young women to leave a mark.

Keeping up with her streak of beating the odds, Jadejha Edwards hopes to become an inspiration for others and wants to use her voice to make a difference by compelling young women to learn from her story and grow. Hopefully, her story and aspirations can encourage more women and young girls to pursue careers in technology.


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