How Glass Artist John Moran Is Supporting Teachers and Underfunded Classrooms

Glass sculptor, John Moran is dedicated to supporting teachers and addressing classroom safety through his thought-provoking work and latest limited series.

In a world where classrooms often lack adequate funding and teachers face overwhelming workloads, one artist is using his creative talents to make a difference. John Moran, an American glass sculptor, mixed media artist, studio owner, and businessman, is dedicated to supporting teachers and addressing classroom safety through his thought-provoking work.

Moran is an accomplished artist known for his expertise in glasswork. He spent years perfecting his craft and creating masterpieces that captivate audiences globally. His work has been exhibited in several institutions and galleries, including the SIC! Gallery of BWA Art Galleries Wroclaw in Poland. He recently participated in the third installment of the Netflix series Blown Away, where he competed against exceptional fellow artists and won the grand prize. He has made his work available to the audience through his website Backdoor Art, which hosts a virtual storefront offering fans the opportunity to explore and purchase his artwork and merchandise.

In his latest limited series, Armed For Knowledge – Red Delicious, Moran aims to shed light on the challenges educators and students face in today’s society. “Armed For Knowledge – Red Delicious” features freehand sculpted glass apples, each meticulously crafted to showcase a unique blend of beauty and tragedy. The blood-red apples depict wounds and bleeding, their peeled-back skin revealing vulnerability.

This striking visual representation serves as a powerful reminder of the precarious state of our educational system. The glass apples, a symbol linked directly to teachers, are wounded with a bullet hole, symbolizing the dangers educators in the United States face due to school shootings.

The inspiration behind Moran’s work stems from the increasing expectation placed upon teachers to not only educate their students but also protect them from potential threats. As Moran explains, “Through their salaries, teachers are expected to supply resource materials for their students and classrooms. Will they now be responsible for arming themselves and risking their lives in order to protect their students? Though many would risk their lives for their students, they should not be forced into this situation.”

Moran’s perspective on this sensitive matter is both timely and poignant, reflecting the growing concerns surrounding school safety and the burden placed on educators. By creating a visual representation of these issues, he invites viewers to engage in a much-needed dialogue about the role of teachers in our society and the support they require to fulfill their duties effectively.

As part of his commitment to making a tangible impact, Moran donates at least 50€ from every piece sold directly to a classroom through donorschoose.org. This generous act not only raises awareness about the struggles faced by underfunded classrooms but also provides much-needed resources to support teachers and their students.

In conclusion, John Moran’s “Armed For Knowledge – Red Delicious” is a compelling artistic statement that serves as a call to action for society to prioritize the needs of educators and students. By addressing the issue of classroom safety and providing financial support to underfunded schools, Moran demonstrates the power of art to inspire change and make a lasting impact on the world.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of this thought-provoking artwork while supporting a worthy cause. Visit John Moran’s website to learn more about his “Armed For Knowledge – Red Delicious” limited series and join him in supporting underfunded classrooms and teachers across the nation. Together, we can make a difference.


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