Ad Specs And Creative


Freestyle Interactive Ad

Raise brand awareness with this high impact branding opportunity. A Freestyle Interactive Ad grabs reader attention with full page interactivity and allows you to have ownership of the premium billboard ad unit on the home page and run of site.



Creative specs

Creative Unit Name: Freestyle Interactive Ad

Ad Size (Viewable): 1280×400

Ad Size (File): 2560×800

File Type: JPG, GIF, PNG

Submission Lead Time: Minimum 2 days prior to campaign launch


Files provided by Advertiser

Main Ad File: (2560×800 px) Includes message copy on the left-hand side of ad. Recommend a headline, sub-headline (optional), benefit, and call to action.

Product shots: High resolution product shots; maximum of 3 separate PNG images with transparent backgrounds. Please ensure product images are 1280×720 px or larger.

Logo: High resolution logos (2 max.)


Sample Main Ad File Provided by Advertiser

Ad File Size: 2560×800



Impressions and clicks are reported for main file (2560×800). Product shots are not clickable to ensure reporting is not skewed.

Reach Influential Small Business Decision Makers

YFS Magazine readers are young, affluent and educated small business owners and global business leaders who are the decision makers, purchasers, and influencers of their growing companies. We work with innovative brands, agencies, and marketers to break through B2B clutter and deliver targeted reach, engagement, and influence.