Lessons In Emotional Branding From Shop Addicts, Nomi Network And OK! Magazine

Fashion trendsetters and select beauty and fashion retailers converged in New York City for the ultimate holiday shopping event, hosted by Shop Addicts – a social, networking event...

Fashion trendsetters and select beauty and fashion retailers converged in New York City for the ultimate holiday shopping event, hosted by Shop Addicts – a social, networking event where fashion, beauty and brands connect. Developed by Dee Rivera, Fashion and Beauty industry veteran, the event offered brands an opportunity to engage with consumers and support a worthy cause.


Creating Value

Value creation is big business in today’s fragmented and cluttered market. A brand’s capacity to build strategic partnerships is vital. Dee Rivera’s synergistic approach to special event marketing engaged media, retail, and charitable partners including the Style Network’s Jerseylicious cast, Gatsby Salon, Oasis Day Spa, Nomi Network and a host of corporate sponsors. The event brought together men and women to shop brands and support the Noni Networks fight against human trafficking.

Today’s business owner operates in a world of consumer communities and “Corporations do not own brands anymore – the people do,” according to Mark Gobe, the author of Emotional Branding. A consumer’s affinity for specific brands communicates unspoken truths and generally provides a rewarding emotional payoff.

So, how can small to mid-sized companies leverage emotional branding, events and social change? Several industry leaders and entrepreneurs spoke candidly with YFS Magazine on partnership, social awareness and success secrets every entrepreneur needs to know.


Exclusive interviews with Dee Rivera, CEO of Shop Addicts; Alissa Moore and Diana Mao, of the Nomi Network; and Niria Portella, Fashion Director of OK! Magazine provide an inside look at business, partnership and connecting people for a greater cause.


Brands with Endurance

Endurance is important for startups and emerging brands. The best way to get started is to – simply start, “You can start with a great idea, that’s what I did.” When developing strategic partnerships with brands make sure it’s with people that you trust. Alongside the launch of Shop Addicts’ events across major markets, Dee Rivera’s plans have also led her into the world of publishing with the anticipated launch of Shop Addicts Magazine in 2011.

Her goal? With inspiration from Lucky Magazine and her personal passion for non-profit organizations, she wants to teach people the heart of giving and understand why they are giving – not just cutting a check. The secret to Rivera’s success, “Build a great team and always expect miracles.”


Social Justice Sparks Mission

Social justice is better business for Nomi Network Founders, Alissa Moore and Diana Mao. A trip to Cambodia changed these women’s lives and inspired their support of a global epidemic. The Nomi Network, a non-profit organization, has set its sights on a chief goal – to end human-trafficking.

For some businesses charity is considered controversial, while for others it is essential. Small to mid-sized companies can take small steps and become socially responsible.

“It’s really easy for small businesses to get involved by partnering with fair trade organizations or go to boutiques where are bags are sold, and raise awareness,” according to Moore and Mao. Ultimately, the Nomi Network attributes their success to “Investing in the stories of the people who you are trying to empower.”

More often than not, connecting brands is made easier with the collaboration of media outlets that serve a built-in and relevant audience base. OK! Magazine’s Fashion Director, Niria Portella says her business success secret is simple, “Be loving and passionate about what you do.”


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