Life is Full of Surprises, but Business Doesn’t Have to Be

Products, marketing and clients are all business buzz words we know well. You have a great product? Check. You’ve implemented a catchy marketing plan? Good. Now you’re ready...

Products, marketing and clients are all business buzz words we know well.  You have a great product or service?  Check.  You’ve implemented a catchy marketing plan? Good.  Now you’re ready to line-up clients? Great!

Time to go full steam ahead, right?  Not yet!

Working Smart

Beginning a business is time consuming – all consuming – but you can find a balance if you plan ahead and work smart.  It is the natural instinct of an entrepreneur to move at the speed of light and conquer anything in our way (I love that about us). But I encourage you to take a step back.  Working smart is about maximizing your chances for success and minimizing obstacles along the way.  To work smart you must learn from the best.

I launched my business 7 months ago and experienced rapid growth during a short time.  I contribute much of my success to the “smart work” I put in prior, and since, my launch. That includes learning from the best and putting their advice into practice, while carving out my own path.

You Don’t Need Prior Industry Experience

Contrary to popular belief, you can launch your business with no prior industry experience.  Daunting?  Yes, it could be.  But with passion and drive I have accomplished it and learned that it was time to be smart and expand my circle of influence. Most importantly it was imperative for me to connect with the most successful entrepreneurs in my field.  To do so, I compiled a list of business owners that I admired.  With a little savvy internet research I gathered contact information.  From there, I simply reached out to them. Yes, it is truly as easy as that.  Not every person will respond, but don’t be offended … it’s not personal.  More importantly, you will be surprised by the tremendous amount of responses you will receive.

An Essential Business Secret

A key business secret is this: Successful people love to talk about their success. Most will be happy to find 30 minutes over the phone to tell you about how they made it to the top and how you can too.  Pay close attention to what they tell you. They are giving you the keys to the kingdom by allowing you to learn their success tips and pitfalls to avoid.

Ultimately, you will want to put your own flair in your business and doing so with greater knowledge will save you time and plenty of money.  Life is full of surprises and business doesn’t have to be. Regardless of how long you’ve been in business and the level of success you’ve achieved, you can benefit by improving the company you keep. This is achieved by enlisting great mentors to your team roster.   It is never too early or too late to work smart.

To all my fabulous and successful entrepreneurs, please don’t forget to be a mentor as well.  You are brilliant – now go tell someone about it!

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