The New Superheroes: 30 Entrepreneurs Reveal the Superhero Powers They Desire Most in Business

As an entrepreneur, if you could possess one superhero power to make owning and operating a business easier, what would it be? We asked thirty entrepreneurs across the...

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By definition, superheroes are people that possess extraordinary powers and skills. Doesn’t that sound like an entrepreneur to you? Small business owners certainly accomplish seemingly impossible feats, tackle enormous risks and rely on a supporting cast of invaluable characters to get the job done. While we’re not costumed crime fighters, we have an even more important role in society — to change the world.

As an entrepreneur, if you could possess one superhero power to make owning and operating a business easier, what would it be? We asked thirty entrepreneurs across the globe to tell us and you’ll be surprised at what they revealed.

Get ready to unleash your inner superhero potential and uncover thirty power set’s that entrepreneurs secretly wish they had in business.


1. Superhero power: Seeing through Another Person’s Eyes

If I could jump in their head and see through peoples’ eyes, I could help entrepreneurs from the perils of DIYing legal work. Preventing problems before they arise would greatly reduce entrepreneur’s already high stress levels.

Eric Misterovich, Attorney at Newburg Law, PLLC: @mistermisto

2. Superhero power: Instant Appraisal

Whenever any object, person, or idea comes within distance, I’ll instantly know how valuable it is. This would come in handy eliminating bad business decisions, identifying good new property investments, avoiding sketchy businessmen, and selecting only the best marketing promotions.

Matt Landau, Owner at Los Cuatro Tulipanes: @Los4Tulipanes 

3. Superhero power: More Than a Background Check

Find the right next hire with a shake of my nose. It is so hard to find smart, driven, hardworking people that are also a perfect cultural fit for a rapidly growing services company where our people are absolutely essential to our success.

Leah Gabriel Nurik, President & Founder at Gabriel Marketing Group: @leahnurik

4. Superhero power: Telepathy

To telepathically communicate with my clients and employees. There are so many communication channels open to us—email, Facebook, Twitter, IM, phone, text, etc. Oftentimes, conversations are disjointed when they take place across a variety of media. When that happens, sometimes important information gets lost.

Daniel Waldman, President at Evolve Communications: @DanielDubya

5. Superhero power: Invisibility

I would like to sit in at a few business meetings and observe how business magnates operate and execute strategic decisions.  The intent is to improve my skills, competence and marketability through my own efforts, rather than to select a superpower that would simply persuade or convince people to select my consultancy services as a provider. Since it is challenging if not almost impossible to get an audience with business icons, it would be helpful to benefit from their insight.

Sherese Chee Mook, Owner at SCM Consulting: @scmbooks

6. Superhero power: No More Doubt

I want to annihilate everyone’s gremlins. The gremlin is that little tiny voice in our head that is your inner critic.  The voice may tell you all the things that hold you back from realizing your fullest potential. My super power capability ability allows you to crush the gremlin forever, so that you can be successful in business as an entrepreneur and execute your dreams effortlessly.

Michelle Pyram, Certified Professional Coach at Be Accountable, Inc.: @ExecuteTheDream

7. Superhero power: Super Speed

As the co-owner of the largest vintage comic book dealership, I would choose super speed like The Flash. If I were able to do everything faster, I could stay way ahead of the competition. I also love to travel, so I could see every city I want to in one day.

Vincent Zurzolo, COO at Metropolis Collectibles, Inc.: @VincentZurzolo

8. Superhero power: No Need for Sleep

There is just too much to do even in the extended work-day that I now have that I feel like I would need an extra six to eight hours of productive time so that I could get more done. I would work for a large portion of the day, then spend quality time with my family and friends, hit the gym, and then head back to work.

Ian Aronovich, Cofounder and CEO at GovernmentAuctions.org: @GovtAuctions

9. Superhero power: Sidekick

Steve Jobs would be a huckster without Waz’s creative genius. Inspector Gadget had Penny, and even Superman relied on Batman when he had real problems that couldn’t be solved by leaping over a building. So, in short- the super power I’d want is the world’s greatest sidekick.

Randy Aimone, MBA at Leading Results: @randyaimone

10. Superhero power: Instant Results

My super power would be the ability to instantly implement any good idea I had. I’d say: “Abracaimplement!” And it would be boom, done.

Laurie Cantus, Owner at Go2Girls: @go2girls

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