The New Superheroes: 30 Entrepreneurs Reveal the Superhero Powers They Desire Most in Business

As an entrepreneur, if you could possess one superhero power to make owning and operating a business easier, what would it be? We asked thirty entrepreneurs across the...

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11. Superhero power: Consumer Knowledge

To always know what your consumer wants. What they would prefer in the product (say the average in your given target group).  Especially since we’re in the consumer product business, we would love to know what people want and the designs they would like to see featured. It would make our business more efficient in the long-run.

Marvin Amberg, Cofounder at caseable: @caseable

12. Superhero power: Omni-linguism

I would love to be able to talk with everyone I meet in their native language so that nothing is lost in translation.

Matt Zemon, President and CEO at American Support: @MattZemon

13. Superhero power: Brain Power

I would want to be able to use 100% of my brain and have full access to every inch and centimeter of it.  I would use this superpower to be able to find the best and fastest solutions to any of my business problems.

Derrick M. Guest, CEO at Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc.: @griotsroll

14. Superhero power: Anticipation

I want to accurately anticipate need.  I firmly believe that if you can find ways to make enough people’s lives easier, you cannot help but make a fortune in business.  Accurately anticipating needs—including unconscious needs– would allow an entrepreneur to not only substantially lower risk, but also to increase the chance of financial success and have a positive impact in the lives of many through the exchange of goods and/or services.

Ed Nash, President at Altius Management, LLC: @Ed_Nash

15. Superhero power: Projection

The ability to make your thoughts become reality. I feel creativity is one of my personal strengths, so the sky would be the limit. Whatever I could dream up would become reality and any business problem could be solved.

Alison C. Price, Owner at Organic Glow.com: @OrganicGlow

16. Superhero power: Mind Reading

I would like to be able to read people’s minds- not everything, just the items relevant to our business. This would be an indispensable asset. We could then tailor our pitch and our offerings to better comport with market needs. We could figure out what it will take to win business. It may be painful to know the honest truth at times, but it is a risk we are willing to take.

Edward Carrick, Founder at Performance Analysis: @performanalysis

17. Superhero power: X-Ray Vision

I’d like to have x-ray vision for my super power. Having that kind of power would help me see past those business calls or meetings that ultimately waste time and I could avoid them altogether.

Tamika C. Humphrey, Sports Publicist at  CEO Public Relations: @Tamika_sportsPR

18. Superhero power: Endless Energy

I would want my super power to be an unlimited supply of energy so I could constantly keep going. Running a business takes a lot out of me and sometimes it just feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Being able to run without sleep and have an unlimited supply of energy would definitely give me a significant advantage over those eight-hour a night sleepers.

Alexa Carlin, Founder at Hello Perfect: @HelloPerfectt

19. Superhero power: Retention

I believe that the ability to retain and refer to every written word from a book or every spoken word during a mastermind group meeting would be two ways that a super power could help an Entrepreneur. Business owners are often faced with having to make quick decisions using the information at their disposal. In small businesses, pivotal decisions often need to be made by the business owner alone, giving that business owner little to no point of reference save his own experience and learning.

Jayson Gaignard, Owner at Tickets Canada: @TicketsCanada

20. Superhero power: Total Syndication

The most frustrating part of being an entrepreneur is getting connected with the people that need your services. So I would want my power to be total syndication- basically an email would be sent to every single person in the world that in the last hour started looking for someone that does exactly what you do.

Bryan Hadaway, Web Designer and Blogger at Bryan Hadaway.com: @calmestghost

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