Nathalie Lussier Goes Turns Down Wall Street To Launch Online Business

Learn how Nathalie Lussier grew her online startup with a focus on technical, design, and marketing ingenuity.

Would you turn down a cushy job on Wall Street to start your own small business? Nathalie Lussier, the CEO of Nathalie Lussier Media – a web design and online marketing firm – says she would – in fact, she did. With a love of technology, marketing and business, Lussier took the road less traveled, honed her skills and set out to change the world on her own terms, as an entrepreneur.

Learn how Nathalie Lussier grew her online startup with a focus on technical, design, and marketing ingenuity.


Company: NathalieLussier.com
Founder, Age: Nathalie Lussier, 26
Location: Toronto, ON
Industry: Advertising and Marketing
Startup Year: 2009
Startup Costs: $5,000


How I Got Started

In 2008, I graduated college with a degree in Software Engineering and got a job offer to work on Wall Street. Deep inside I knew that I didn’t want to take that path. Starting my own business is where my heart was at. So I turned down a stable job to start an online business teaching people how to eat more fruits and vegetables.

That business took off and soon people were coming to me asking who made my web site, how I launched my products, etc. … so I developed Nathalie Lussier Media, a web design and marketing firm that helps small businesses rock their online presence, create online curriculum and launch products that are profitable both spiritually and financially.


Best Success Story

My favorite success story is working with a client to create Christa Meola’s Online Boudoir Workshop, a virtual training program for photographers. After developing Christa’s site and launch strategy, she went on to sell over 100 seats in her workshop in the span of a few weeks. That experience reinforced the power of social media and online marketing’s ability to change lives.


Startup Challenges

One of my biggest startup challenges has been figuring out how to speak to my market in a way they can understand. When I talk about technical stuff, I make an effort to speak in layman terms because I don’t want to alienate anyone who needs to learn the information I’m sharing. There’s a reason they are learning and I want to be as inclusive as possible with people who are willing to learn new things from me and my team.


Entrepreneurship Tips

Stay nimble and allow for iteration. It’s easy to think that you have the perfect idea and that you’ve got everything figured out when you’re just getting started. Listen to your customers and be willing to shift if your business needs change. Instead of trying to exert your will in business, allow it to grow in the direction that makes the most sense.

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