How to Instantly Drive Traffic to Your Company’s Website

Here are four simple and highly effective ways to immediately drive more traffic to your company website.

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2. Create Free eBooks and Submit Them to eBook Directories

Niche eBooks are an effective way to generate web traffic and build a large email list. Also, creating an eBook is simpler than you may think. Simply copy and paste a series of popular company blog posts into a word document and then convert the document to a PDF.

For example, let’s say that you own a kitchen remodeling website and your subscribers ask a lot of questions about “kitchen cabinets.” As an authority in your niche, you should try to answer all those questions individually. But how about creating an eBook instead.

Using this simple and effective tool, you can answer all potential questions about cabinets and give it away for free to your existing and new subscribers. You will instantly create value for your subscribers who in turn, could likely revisit your website and become more loyal over time.

Also don’t forget to submit your new content product to eBook directories. When your target consumer finds your interesting and original content in relevant directories, they will likely visit your website to gather more information.

3. Create a Facebook Brand Page and Engage Fans

Studies indicate that Internet users spend more time on Facebook than any other website. As an entrepreneur, don’t fail to take advantage of this opportunity. Create a Facebook brand Page for your company and follow these nine steps:

a. Include a “Facebook Like Button” on your website so visitors can become a fan.
b. Stay active on Facebook; start and join conversations.
c. Post important updates for your fans.
d. Measure your performance using Facebook Insights and analytics.
e. Participate in, or create, Facebook groups relating to your industry.
f. Share interesting information with your Facebook Group members.
g. Add your company’s website URL in your group participation chats.
h. Organize events and watch them go viral as users talk, invite others, write on the event wall and upload photos.
i. Locate popular Facebook pages and share valuable content with an included backlink.

4. Create Branded Content for Targeted Online Sources

As you know “content is king!” The real secret behind achieving online success is consistently creating valuable content and sharing that content with targeted sources. Here’s a list of five tactics to help you gain online notoriety, enhance positive perceptions about your brand and generate qualified traffic to your company website.

a. Write guest posts for industry-leading magazines and blogs.
b. Attract visitors by creating ezines and newsletters.
c. Submit press releases to targeted news media outlets.
d. Create interesting Powerpoint presentations and upload them to Slideshare.net.
e. Distribute your SEO optimized content to Ezine Articles, Go Articles or Article Base.

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