Trends: Four Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

Given that we are already a few months into the year, it's necessary for every young entrepreneur to know several of the key digital marketing trends to watch...

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2. Trend: Video

A recent report released by eMarketer indicates that online video advertising spendwill pass the $3 billion mark this year. Currently, over 1.3 billion videos are viewed every day in the US alone, making video marketing the perfect medium to establish and build emotional connections with customers.

Being able to engage with your customers quickly can translate into higher conversion rates and stronger brand loyalty, if executed properly. Additionally, YouTube is constantly upgrading it’s advertising program — making it easier for smaller businesses to participate.

3. Trend: Gamification  

Build social momentum through gamification. Essentially, it’s the application of gaming principles to non-gaming experiences in an attempt to gain social and viral communications amongst targeted audiences. Although it is entirely dependent on the type of business that you operate, gamification provides a wealth of potential opportunities that should not be overlooked.

4. Trend: Security and Privacy

Customer privacy and security is one of the top issues that marketers and small business owners should pay special attention to. Keeping customers informed of how you manage and handle their personal information is essential to building trust with your customers. If you are able to provide them with superior knowledge and control of their data, they will in turn trust in your business more.


Being aware of developing market trends and their potential impact on your business is a essential when developing your marketing strategy. Getting the basics right should still take the highest priority. But most importantly, be cognizant of the fact that not every trend will be beneficial to your business.

Trends are just that — trends. You don’t want to waste your time playing catch-up when all of your competitors have moved on. So watch the market, pay attention to the trends, but most importantly focus on implementing  quality content marketing strategies to your customers.

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Bryan Young is the CEO of award winning digital agency BEC. At 25 years of age he has been awarded numerous personal and business accolades including being named one of America’s Best Entrepreneurs under 25 by Bloomberg Businessweek. Bryan has lead digital campaigns for Belk, Clinique, NCSU, Charlotte International Airport, Lonerider Brewing Company and many more.


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