Small Business PR Tips: How to Create an Online Newsroom

Here are eight essential basics that your company’s online newsroom should contain.

As an early-stage startup (or established small business) you are likely at 1 of 3 stages:

a) You don’t do PR;

b) You’ve hired a part-time or full-time PR staff or;

c) You have outsourced PR to a public relations agency.

Whichever the case may be, the development of an online newsroom is essential to your long-term communication strategy and success.

Why an Online Newsroom Is Important for Small Businesses

An online newsroom will give journalists, reporters and bloggers access to the information they need to share your story. No member of the news media wants to hunt for your company information when there are plenty of startups pitching readily available news.

For that reason, irregardless of your public relations repertoire, here are eight essential basics that your company’s online newsroom should contain:

1. Easy access: Whether you provide a public access point from your website or a private link to members of the media, journalists need access. With the countless number of pitches that are received at various outlets you won’t be thought of fondly if you overload a reporters’ inbox with attachments, large photos and a never ending pile of text. Instead direct them to your brand new online newsroom.

2. Press Releases: Include a headline roundup list of your company’s press releases discussing new news, product announcements, partnership deals, promotions, etc. Each link should direct a user to the full release.

3. Media Kits: Do you have an electronic press kit (EPK)? If not, you should. A press kit (often referred to as a media kit) is a power-packed package of news and background information that is distributed to members of the media.

4. Industry Resources: A journalist will likely do some additional research on your industry and you’ll make the task a lot easier if you’ve already identified some key resources and made them available in your newsroom.

Create a knowledge base of links to trade articles, case studies, surveys, industry news and secondary quote sources. This simple tactic enables you to effectively insert your brand story into broader issues and tell a and more appealing story.


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