Love Your Small Business? If You Like It Put a Ring on It

Take these four steps to re-commit to your vision and ramp up small business purpose.

3. Put the words “side hustle” and “side business” aside.

These words conjure up one word for me … secondary. I honestly don’t know of any successful company that had and kept a “side business” mentality. Ask yourself, what’s the value of “something on the side?” By definition, anything on the side is not main; subordinate or incidental.

My opinion — get your priorities in check. You have to be purely and relentlessly devoted to the task at hand, because if your business is not a priority the only place you’ll end up is “side-tracked.”

4.Invest in your company long-term.

In the words of Dr. Phil, “Falling in love is not the same thing as being in love. Embrace the change and know that it takes work.” You may fall in love with the idea of being an entrepreneur but not truly understand the work involved.

Invest in your small business and you’ll reap dividends. Neglect it and well … it will soon depart. As we all know, an early and unsuccessful exit strategy is never pretty.

Once you make a quality decision to focus all of your energy and passion into something, you become powerful beyond measure. Remember: “You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life [and business] what you want it to be (Napoleon Hill).”

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