Marketing Advice: 4 Ways to Successfully Market Your Small Business

Here are four marketing lessons that I’ve learned from operating my home improvement company.

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3. Stay top of mind.

Find a way to stay top-of-mind within your industry.

For example, we know home owners will need a contractor at some point in their lives, and when they do, we want them to immediately think of us. Our “Think Swift” jingle is one of the commercial advertising tactics we use to ensure our brand is top of mind.

While there are many ways to attract people to your company, some of the key factors are having energy, being genuine, and spreading a positive attitude.

4. Stand by your story and share it.

I once heard a saying when I was young that stuck with me through the years:

“He who has a thing to sell and goes and whispers in a well is not as likely to succeed, as he who shouts it from a tree.”

To me, it means you have to figure out what your story is and then don’t hold back from telling it.

For example, when I started my small business I knew I wanted to convey the message that we were just all-American people who wanted to positively impact people’s lives. We live our brand by the way we act and through the people, places, and things with which we associate.

It’s important that you do the same. Find your story, define your message, and live that message in everything you do.

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Randy Minchew is a serial entrepreneur and chronic ideater. He has over 30 years of experience successfully launching and growing startups. Randy is the co-founder of Como Incubator LLC and GolfSo.com.


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