3 Incredibly Simple Ways to Improve Your Business in 30 Days or Less

Here are three simple things you can do in the next 30 days to improve your business from the inside out.

As entrepreneurs, when we think about making improvements to our businesses many of us often assume that they have to be grandeur changes. This isn’t always the case. Some of the greatest companies master the art of simplicity very well.

That being said, here are three simple things you can do in the next 30 days to improve your business from the inside out.

1. Give back to your customers with two simple words.

Find a simple way to say “thank you.” It may seem trite, but you’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t) at how many companies never do it. These two words can possibly do just as much, or more, for your business than a well-crafted press release or branding initiative.

According to entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, we’re living in a “Thank You Economy.” Vaynerchuk asserts that “[small businesses] are going to have to allow the personality, heart, and soul of the people who run all levels of the business to show. And they’re going to have to do their [best] to shape the word of mouth that circulates about them by treating each customer as though he or she were the most important customer in the world.”

“In short, they’re going to have to relearn and employ the ethics and skills our great-grandparents’ generation took for granted…”

2. Crowdsource innovation from the inside out.

Have you asked your employees what they think of your company lately? While you’re running a successful company, putting out fires and planning industry domination, it’s easy to forget to ask for feedback of those closest to your operations.

Don’t discount the insights of your team members that deal with specific issues on daily basis. Their challenges could provide perspective on new opportunities for growth. The view from the “front lines” is often very different from where you sit.


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