See Spot Run and Network: 4 Lessons You Can Learn from Your Dog about Business

There are a few things entrepreneurs can learn from man’s best friend when it comes to business – here are four of them.

If you own a dog you’ve likely noticed the way complete strangers will walk up to you and start to speak in “baby gibberish” and “Oh! and Ah!” over your furry best friend.

“Aren’t you a sweet!” or

“Who’s a smart puppy?”

You get the picture. It’s as if most of us are entranced by an adorable puppy or dog. An automatic reaction kicks in – we smile, giggle, and lose ourselves for a brief moment and “network” with people we don’t even know.

What is it that drives people to such behavior you may ask? It’s simple. There are characteristics about dogs (pets) that make them utterly loveable. The same could be said for businesses.

There are specific things that consumers love about their favorite brands that keep them coming back for more. And if you pay close attention, there are a few things entrepreneurs can learn from man’s best friend when it comes to business – here are four of them.

1. Break the ice, get happy and network.

Isn’t it funny how dogs don’t speak our language but they’re experts at starting conversations. When I take my dog for a walk, or to the park, or to the store he’s an immediate conversation sparker. Studies have even found, that “dog owners have more conversations in which, surprise surprise, they often talked about their dogs.”

The business lesson here is simple. Become the person (in business) that you want to meet. Don’t be afraid to say hello, to be friendly and make a connection. Not only is it good for you, but your business will thank you for it.

“Happiness at work is closely correlated with greater performance and productivity as well as greater energy … higher income, better health and increased happiness with life,” according to Jessica Pryce-Jones, author of “Happiness at Work” and CEO of iOpener. People, customers, suppliers and others you interact with want to be around happy people.


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