Social Media Consultant or Employee: What’s the Best Hire for Your Small Business?

Here is a brief guide to selecting which type of social media hire is best for your small business.

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Most small business owners know that an  active social media strategy is one of the key ingredients to a successful online marketing strategy. However, one of the main hurdles to developing a social media campaign is a lack of in-house resources and expertise that social media training can provide.

If you don’t have immediate access to a social media guru, there are several directions you can take to create and maintain a successful online presence: 1) hire (outsource) a social media consultant or 2) create a permanent part-time or full-time position within your company.

Here is a brief guide to selecting which type of social media hire is best for your small business:

Outsourcing a Social Media Consultant

Every organization has different goals. Your unique social media goals will impact how an outside social media consultant can provide services to help you meet them.

If you’re goal is to improve site traffic to your e-commerce site —  increasing traffic by 250% or increase your social network’s online following by 40% — a consultant can manage, optimize and prepare progress reports and assist in data analysis and evaluation.

Typically, small businesses find it more appealing to outsource a social media coordinator or management role, as opposed to hiring an employee. And if you choose to outsource your social media business needs, here are four important things to look for in new hires:

Does your potential candidate:

1. Have an influential, far-reaching and established professional presence online? The larger his or her influence, the more they can bring to you and your company.

2. Exhibit a willingness to cooperate with and listen to you when it comes to your company’s mission and goals? A social media consultant should be technically competent and be able to relate to you and your employees at a level that reaches everyone.

3. Illustrate a passionate about his or her chosen profession? If so, your new social media hire will be equipped to demonstrate their dedication by delivering the results you desire.

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