Cross-Platform Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

If you're wondering how to reach prospective customers that would be interested in your company's offering, here are a few platforms, that every business can engage in.

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3. Social Media: Twitter

Twitter is another great tool for social media marketing. Make sure you set up a Twitter profile that describes who you are in one line and links back to your website. Then start using it to find the people who need what you are offering and follow them. Many will follow back. Follow friends, celebrities, journalists, comedians – anyone you want! Then start sharing information that is valuable and relevant. Retweet things you like. Have fun with it!

4. Print Media: Magazines and Newspapers

Print media is a tried and true method of gaining attention, but it can be expensive, so make sure it is right for your business. Advertise where your customers will see it – ask yourself if it’s worth the money to buy space in a free newspaper nobody reads. If you are an online store trying to reach a national audience, focus your advertising dollars on national publications. If you’re a local brick-and-mortar shop, national advertising would obviously be a waste of money.

5. Broadcast: Radio and Television

As your business grows, you may consider developing a radio or television spot for local market penetration — depending on the type of business you’re in. While other forms of advertising are proven to be more cost-effective, based on your businesses needs it may be advantageous to utilize broadcast as a way to drive retail foot traffic and broad reach.

An Integrated Approach to Marketing

Whether you’re using two of these platforms or all of them, make sure you are getting the most out of your time and money by using them wisely. Don’t cross-promote every tweet on your Facebook brand page; make all social media interactions count. Include your website in your print advertisement. And if you have a Facebook brand page and a Twitter account, include that information, too. The most important thing is to keep your message and branding consistent.

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Jake Downs is a freelance writer who contributes writing to Cushing, a printing company in Chicago that specializes in digital printing.  He has been interested in both modern and traditional printing processes since studying English Literature and Journalism in college.

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