5 DIY Design Tips to Liven up your Company’s Office Space

Here are five budget-friendly ways to spruce up an office or work space.

“If you’ve worked in an office at some point in your life, or just watched the movie Office Space, you know that one of the many perks of starting your own business is the freedom to choose where you work and who you work with (to a certain extent).

The atmosphere of your home office and your company’s office space can affect employee attitudes, customer perceptions, and overall productivity. This is why it’s important to create an aesthetically pleasing work environment that embody’s your company culture, reflects your brand image and meets your budgetary needs.

The reality for many small business owners is a lack of budget, time, or inspiration to add character to their space. It’s the little perks, that we sometimes take for granted or overlook, which can make a world of difference in your office environment.

Here are five budget-friendly ways to spruce up an office or work space.

1. Splash of color

There’s nothing like a completely white room to put employees and customers to sleep. Make one of the walls an accent wall that has a solid color on it and incorporate accent colors.

Your company’s color choices can range from professional (for clients and customer friendly spaces) to bright, fun colors (for employee break rooms). Add to the fresh new look with new office accessories that complement the accent wall to add continuity to your work space.

2. Magnetic or Dry Erase Board

This is a fun, interactive way to liven up an office. A whiteboard can be used for fun and for brainstorming meetings. Purchase some word magnets so that people can create stories on their breaks. Have tic-tac toe tournaments or allow people to write notes and trivia questions on the board. Having a cork board where people can post fun news, ideas and company announcements.


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