How to Use Content Marketing to Land Your Next Radio Interview (Part 1)

Inevitably, as you grow your small business and employ effective marketing and public relations tactics media outlets will contact you. Yes — you read that correctly … and...

A great example of this, is a recent article I wrote on Olympic gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas, featured in The Huffington Post and here in YFS Magazine. It garnered quite a buzz. Everyone from Black Enterprise, SVP/Editor in Chief, Derek T. Dingle to Inc. Magazine columnist Meg Hirshberg shared in the conversation and seemed to agree — entrepreneurs can learn a lot from high performance athletes.

How to Outsource Content Development

If you stay particularly busy and lack first-hand knowledge of how to develop and market content to meet your business goals, I recommend outsourcing it to a third party. Before you choose an agency to deliver highly valuable exposure in your industry or niche, make sure they can deliver results. Look for companies that can help you build your professional brand and grow your company.

“I do not have the time to form my own relationships with publications, schedule my deadlines and find someone to edit my content,” says AdVentures CEO, Brent Beshore. “My digital talent agent helps me brainstorm new article topics, reminds me when I’m nearing a deadline, and gives me suggestions for promoting the articles and building my professional brand.”

The key takeaway here is that original and well-written content will always be in demand. And as a small business owner you can leverage a timely and relevant content piece and open the door to more opportunities — even your next radio interview.

Later this week, I’ll share how to leverage your expert content into additional media opportunities and what to do once you’ve booked your next radio interview.

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