Be Unforgettable: How Small Businesses Can Develop an Effective Brand Strategy

Is your company brand unforgettable? If not, here's how to develop a world-class brand.

Nowadays, the business environment is becoming extremely competitive and the expectations that customers have for a service or a particular product they purchase is stronger than it’s ever been. To garner long-term success, every company should create a targeted brand experience to cut through the clutter.

These four steps will help you develop a successful brand strategy:

1. Consider intangibles — what your customers can’t see.

When you create a brand strategy never leave out the intangibles. Your company’s brand is not just a product, it’s also a concept. Intangibles can be the environment, how employees interact with customers, etc.

2. Infuse your brand into your business.

This is key and the reason why companies such as Starbucks, Nike, McDonald’s are so successful. These companies have established a clear relationship with their customers. Apple, for example, trains their employee in every product they sell and takes time to explain to their customers how to use their products.

3. Prioritize your entire target market.

Ultimately once you understand your customer segments — focus on clearly speaking to each of them in a unique and relevant way that aligns with your overall branding goals. A successful brand identifies and prioritizes all customer segments. For example, if your company sells athletic apparel, you may cater to local sports leagues, younger clientele and athletic aficionados of every age.

4. Build a brand with the future in mind. 

A Brand Strategy shouldn’t be viewed as a short term fix. Companies that have built successful brands do so over the years by staying consistent and relevant.

What are some other tips that small businesses can use to develop a successful brand strategy? Let me know in the comments section below.

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James Mckenzie is a leading global expert on strategy and branding. He is a contributor on small business subjects including but not limited to company branding, innovation, business growth and brand Equity.


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