How to Use Content Marketing to Land Your Next Radio Interview (Part 2)

Earlier this week, I covered how to generate inbound media requests by utilizing content marketing. Today, we'll look at how to leverage content to land your next radio...

Earlier this week, I covered how to generate inbound media requests by utilizing content marketing to maximize your exposure online and offline. Today, we’ll look at how to take your well-written, timely and original content and leverage it into your next radio interview.

Dynamics of a Successful Radio Interview

The buzz and momentum gained from  a newsworthy content piece can generated quite a few inbound media requests. This was the case for my recent article that went viral via YFS Magazine and The Huffington Post on 3 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas.

After reviewing inbound media requests, decide which opportunities best align with your branding goals. Internally, I use a simple and effective system to prepare for, execute and successfully wrap up radio interviews. Here’s an inside look at how to navigate radio interviews and what to expect:

First, keep this in mind:

1. It’s not all about you.

Take a cue from songstress Carly Simon, and don’t be “So Vain” that you think the radio show is about you. A radio show host may invite you to be a guest on their show — but remember, it’s not all about you. You were invited due to the perceived value you can create for their listening audience.

2. Be grateful and gracious.

There are literally a thousand and one expert sources that a radio host can utilize on any given subject — and he or she chose you. So be thankful. No matter how amazing your company or product is, you aren’t entitled to media exposure.

3. Craft your messages.

Be strategic about your message. Develop 15-20 second sound bites to reinforce your branding and weave them into the conversation when appropriate.

Top 10 Radio Interview Tips for Entrepreneurs

Here are some powerful tips to help you ace your next radio interview:

1. Confirm.

Once invited, have your point of contact confirm the radio interview within 24 hours. Media requests are time sensitive and if you don’t respond quickly you could miss out.

2. Get Details.

Ask the station representative some basic questions: a) is the show live or pre-recorded b) what are the logistics and timing c) can they provide an mp3 of the taping d) is there anything you can provide prior to the show, etc.


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