How to Use Content Marketing to Land Your Next Radio Interview (Part 2)

Earlier this week, I covered how to generate inbound media requests by utilizing content marketing. Today, we'll look at how to leverage content to land your next radio...

3. Share your EPK.

If the host is not familiar with you (or semi-familiar) don’t hesitate to offer up an electronic press kit (EPK) or informational links to share more information. Make the hosts’ job as easy as possible — don’t make anyone hunt for information about you and your company.

4. Do your research. 

Do you know the demographics of the show? What’s the format? Is it News/Talk, NPR or Classic Rock? At the very least, you should spend some time researching the station, the host and the topic you plan to discuss.

5. Prepare the environment.

Use a landline — not a cell phone, and disable call-waiting. Have some water nearby and call in (or arrive) early so the producer can arrange to patch you through and get you setup.

6. Be conversational.

You may have messages prepared but don’t forget to be a good listener and respond with thoughtful commentary. Speak with the host on a first name basis and use analogies, related stories and personal experiences to connect with listeners. Never be afraid to be yourself.

7. Inform and Entertain.

You’ve been invited on a radio show to share your perspective — not to make a hard sell. Make the listening audience want more. And if the host asks you to share closing remarks — then you can deliver a strong call to action.

8. Say “Thank You.”

After the interview send the host a thank you note. Few people actually do this — so by default you’re attention to detail and consideration will make an indelible impression.

9. Ask for a Testimonial.

Ask the radio host for a testimonial. Often times the host will candidly share their feedback on the interview and you can integrate their feedback into press and marketing materials for further promotion.

10. Build Momentum.

Use the MP3, host testimonials and experience to build momentum and buzz — which can lead to additional media requests. Distribute a recap press release, make the interview available on your website and promote sound bites from the interview across your social networks and in future pitches. Maximize every moment.

What are your favorite radio interview tips that I may have missed? Let me know in the comments section below.

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