Does your Marketing Resemble Mystery Meat?

Here are three marketing mistakes you could be making and how you can immediately fix them.

2. Hey! I didn’t order this!

What happens when you’re served something that you didn’t order?

Now take that reaction and multiply it across your marketing messages that are blasted at thousands of customers that aren’t at all interested in your offering.

The horror!

This doesn’t mean that what you’re serving up isn’t good. It could have Zagat potential. But it doesn’t mean that everyone wants it.

This is why it’s essential to do your homework before you market your wares to people. Learn more about your potential customers, what they “ordered” and qualify them. Because when you lay something “unwanted” on someone’s proverbial plate — via untargeted social media, email marketing, direct mail, media pitches and so on — you invoke unproductive responses. And in those cases – it’s wasted time and money.

If your goal is to make your marketing budget work harder – empower every dollar and minute spent by taking your desired audience into thoughtful consideration. Give customers what they want. And if you don’t know … ask.

3. I think I have a stomach ache?

Ever regret eating somewhere?

It looked appetizing, but something wicked this way comes — utter disappointment and queasiness.

The same can be said for marketing messages delivered, ingested and then regretfully processed. It’s called buyer’s remorse.

If you’re marketing claims don’t live up to a customer’s perception – your work has only just begun. As a small business owner you are now tasked with the responsibility to right the wrong and change a negative perception.

Let’s hope you’re quick on your toes and can accomplish this before Jane hits submit on her unfavorable review.

You see buyer’s remorse, if handled incorrectly, translates into bigger issues. For example, you’re now dealing with a higher cost-per-acquisition because you’re allocating more time and resources to fix a sale that went bad – literally.

To preclude indigestible marketing mistakes, seek to educate customers early and often. Offer ways for customers to leave feedback on your site, instead of someone else’s. Clearly indicate what your product will and won’t do using an FAQ section on your site. Deliver what you promised.

And because no small business is perfect, if you get it wrong (and you will) put measures in place to lessen the collateral damage. Send follow-up emails after purchase to request a review. Allow customers to vent. Did you mess up? Then say, “I’m sorry.” Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask customers what you can do to regain their trust and business.

Ultimately, every small business has the capacity to turn marketing mistakes into winning recipes that will keep customers coming back for more. But please, keep mystery meat off the menu.

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