Tech Tips for Entrepreneurs: How to Stay Productive and Let Technology Multitask for You

Here are four effective, tech-inspired ways to combine tasks to maximize productivity and efficiency.

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When you’re running a business, you and your team are often faced with the task of complete several projects simultaneously. This leads to increased multitasking in the workplace.

In general, there is an ongoing debate about the quality of work completed while multitasking. Women are often both praised and ridiculed for their ability to multitask. While it is not specifically a female trait, it does seem to be less common in men.

But one thing is clear.

Some tasks can be combined to improve efficiency.

Tech Inspired Productivity

In today’s technology driven world, our electronic devices multitask for us. Most smartphones come fully equipped with a calculator, calendar, and apps for any occasion. We can perform most business functions on a computer, which streamlines processes. What’s more, when technology multitasks for us, the quality of deliverables and productivity is not lost.

Here are four effective, tech-inspired ways to combine tasks to maximize productivity and efficiency.

1. Organization: Keep everything in one place.

You can lose a lot of time in a business just by looking for things.

Being organized will save you time. And interestingly enough, I’ve heard that if time could be measured in weight, you could save 2,000 lbs of time just by being organized. Isn’t that a load off your shoulders?

There are many ways to become organized. First, make sure all of the software you need to do business is on your computer or easily accessible in the cloud. Also ensure that all company computers have network access. Everything is now in one location, but can be accessed from any work computer. Once your team develops a habit of saving files to the network, they will be much easier to locate.

2. Find a software that does everything you need.

Today, small businesses can operate like multinational companies. This starts with improved access to enterprise level software that meets the unique needs of a small business.

There are numerous databases and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that will keep track of various functions within your company: Accounts Payable, Sales Orders, Payroll, and Project Management. You can store all of that information in one easily searchable database. Also, open source ERP solutions on the market are scalable and effective for almost any business.

Customization is the key to efficiency. Tailor your office management solutions to your office.

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